March 7, 2012 at 5:21 am

Archaic Wisdom and Symbolism

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Archaic Wisdom and Symbolism

A study of the Arcanum, the profound knowledge at the core of the Western Mystery Tradition.  This program includes an examination of the Tarot and Alchemy as well as Hermetic Tradition.  This program includes an examination of the Tarot and Alchemy as well as Hermetic, Kabalistic, Gnostic, Masonic and Occult symbolism in the light of modern scientific discoveries.  Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries and in this program Randall guides the student to an understanding of its grammar and syntax, opening the door to the hidden dimension of knowledge which surrounds us.


    are you going to offer this again? how can we access it?

    • Greetings Sophia. We have not offered this particular course online just yet, but we do offer online classes in Sacred Geometry, which is the key to understanding the antient Mysteries. If you are interested please mail me and I will get you access to a few of our classes to try out at no charge. Best wishes.

  • Lance Miller

    Being a recent initiative into the mysteries of Freemasonry (2 years), I’ve taken my search for further light outside the lodge, and just by chance stumbled upon this site. This seems to be just the type of esoterica I’ve been seeking to investigate. It seems as though modern Freemasonry isn’t as interested in arcana as much as our forefathers were, and although I love my time within the lodge, I have had to resort to undertaking my own journey to seek out the mysteries. Hoping this becomes something available online sometime soon.

  • IntergalactiK Princess

    Hello! How can I please get notified when this course is accessible online ?
    Thanks a million!