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Ask Randall: Climate Change – Who Are The Real Deniers?

Editors note: The following is Randall Carlson’s definitive response to an affected attempt to label him as a “climate change denier.” Randall is of course more than happy to debate anyone from the pro IPCC global warming alarmist camp, brave enough to engage him in an open forum. Truly the debate is not over… but just beginning. Interested climate scientists […]

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Ask Randall: Why Should Anyone Study Sacred Geometry? Randall Carlson on Sacred Geometry and the Right Angle.

Randall Carlson on Geometry and the Right Angle (from Decatur, GA class 7/14/06) (some classroom conversational speaking style is maintained in this transcription) (from class) “What is the purpose of studying these geometric relations?” If you’re an artist, a designer, a builder…If you think…If you have a brain in your head and you use it to think – there is […]

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Randall Carlson on The Essence of The Great Work (Video)

“We are on a cosmic timetable and at present, we are behind schedule.” – Georgi Ivonovitch Gurdjieff The following is a selection from a recent email from Randall Carlson to a supporter of our efforts at Sacred Geometry International. The accompanying video features Randall describing in greater detail the nature of the alchemical Great work. Hello Dave Thanks for your […]

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Responses to comments made about Joe Rogan Podcast – An open letter to a critic on the matter of chevrons, megatsunamis and bolide impacts.

Responses to comments made about Joe Rogan Podcast An open letter to a critic on the matter of chevrons, megatsunamis and bolide impacts. Recently I did a podcast with Joe Rogan. In our wide ranging discussion we covered a lot of material. As pleased as I was by the positive response of many in the listeners, I also appreciate and […]

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Ask Randall: Duration of the Great Year

For any discussion of the Great Year the work Hamlet’s Mill is an obligatory starting point. The authors of Hamlet’s Mill, the work that more or less brought the Great Year concept to the attention of modern scholarship, frame the GY in terms of a full precessional cycle. I will quote them at length, some of which will be redundant from my Author of the Month article,

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Ask Randall: Climate Change

*Editors note: For an succinct overview of Randall’s research regarding “climate change” you can view the video of his interview with entitled,“Climate Change: A Catastrophist’s Perspective” for a better understanding of his perspective. Hello Elizabeth. I am responding to the question you raised regarding my opinion of the New York Times article on the recent work of physicist Richard […]

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Ask Randall: What Is Archaeoastronomy? (VIDEO)

What is ArchaeoAstronomy? 32˚ degree FreeMason and Independent Scholar Randall Carlson describes the utilization of ArchaeoAstronomy as employed by ancient master builders throughout human history around the world. From Egypt to Angkor Wat, from Stonehenge to Machu Pichu, why were our ancestors seemingly obsessed with observing the motions of the heavens and bringing them down unto the Earth in architectural form? What are the implications of their desire to literally mirror the patterns of the heavens on the Earth?

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Ask Randall: What Is Sacred Geometry? (VIDEO)

What Is Sacred Geometry? How can understanding the “Hidden Architecture of Creation” serve mankind in it’s current phase of evolutionary transition? Could this Sacred Science serve as the master key for understanding our cosmic destiny as a species? Peer within and contemplate the Mysteries with Renegade Scholar Randall Carlson.

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