Global Change

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Burn Paper via The Cosmic Tusk

Via Papers #1 and #2 and Supplementary Materials Quick take at skeptic site NeuroLogica Tallboy – Widespread Panic (1997) The Tusk inaugurates our new look here by posting the most important paper in the peer-reviewed canon of the Comet Research Group since the original PNAS publication in 2007. It is truly a new day at the Tusk. The Two […]

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Halloween Asteroid – City busting Earth Grazer imminent near miss

*Editors note:  Yet another eerily prescient reminder is discovered shortly after posting related media on this site.  Please read the Tunguska: The Great Siberian Thunderbolt series for evidence of this fact.  Also please see another example of this type of synchronicity occurring previously with Randall’s article on DA-14, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and the subsequent Chelyabinsk meteor strike as […]

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Cycles of Global Change – Part 5 – Civilization of the Goddess

Over the course of the last several articles I have been describing the emergence of a goddess worshiping civilization in the aftermath of a powerful series of catastrophes that terminated the great ice age between 11 and 13 thousand years ago. I have presented evidence that human populations may have suffered a significant decline in numbers across the transition, as […]

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Cycles of Global Change – Part 4 – The Rise of the Goddess Civilization

This article is the fourth installment in a series describing events that occurred in the four millennia leading up the beginning of recorded history when cuneiform writing first appeared in Sumer about 5000 years ago. As our knowledge of prehistory evolves we are realizing that there is far more to the story than has been recognized by previous generations of […]

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A Cataclysmic Event of a Certain Age – Evidence for a Catastrophic Episode 13,000 Years Ago

Via July 27, 2015 At the end of the Pleistocene period,approximately 12,800 years ago—give or take a few centuries—a cosmic impact triggered an abrupt cooling episode that earth scientists refer to as the Younger Dryas. New research by UC Santa Barbara geologist James Kennett and an international group of investigators has narrowed the date to a 100-year range, sometime […]

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The Sluggish Race to Guard the Earth Against Meteors –

Via May 22, 2015 By Rory Tolan The sky god slept like a rock. In a yawning crater cut into the side of Manhattan’s Central Park, a stone as old as the Earth had amassed a crowd. I found it in a huddle of selfie sticks, flapping brochures, and children slapping it with sweaty palms. But Tomanowos, a divine […]

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Cycles of Global Change – Part 3 – Era of the Great Goddesss

 In several previous articles I have been describing some of the great planetary upheavals that have occurred in the recent geological past that had a profound effect on humankind. I related how in the aftermath of thousands of years of the Great Winter, its catastrophic termination and the traumatic birth of the present world age, Earth’s environment shifted into a […]

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Cycles of Global Change – Part 2

I wrote last month about the enormous changes that engulfed the Earth at the close of the last great ice age. I discussed the “double whammy” that knocked the planet out of the grip of glacial cold and ushered in the period of interglacial warmth called the Holocene, the name given to the present geological epoch. I stated that I […]

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Cycles of Global Change

As this article is going to press, yet another near miss of an asteroid has occurred accompanied by an apparent meteor strike. On Sunday, September 7, as asteroid 2014 RC was zooming by Earth at less than one tenth the distance to the Moon, what appears to be a meteorite struck the Earth blasting out a crater some 40 feet […]

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As Above So Below Do the Giza Monuments encode the date of the Younger Dryas comet impact? – Graham Hancock

Via Join Visionary scholar Randall Carlson and David Metcalfe for a journey into the Cataclysm Fields –Click Here for more information on Sacred Geometry International’s upcoming webinar: The Quest for the Cosmic Grail – Recovering the Lost History of the World The earth was hit by a comet around 12,800 years ago with globally cataclysmic effects that brought on […]

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