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Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe Blu-Ray Preview Save 33.3%

“A cosmic tempo based on Sacred Geometry, encoded in myth & mystical architecture throughout the Earth governs the unfolding of world ages, the rise and fall of civilizations & is ultimately the very basis of apocalyptic prophecy” – Randall Carlson

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The Quest for the Cosmic Grail: Recovering the Lost History of the World – Special Webinar Featuring Randall Carlson

Sacred Geometry International and Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative present a once in a lifetime transmedia experience with Randall Carlson and David Metcalfe The Quest for the Cosmic Grail: Recovering the Lost History of the World. Two Sessions: Sunday January 4th and 11th, 2015 2pm – 4pm New York • 11am – 1pm San Francisco For over 40 years visionary […]

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Climate Change: A Catastrophist’s Perspective

An in depth examination of the science and politics behind a modern day controversy.

Is the issue settled, as mainstream media would have us believe?
Is there truly a consensus to which all climate scientists agree? What exactly does consensus mean in science?
What does the peer reviewed literature actually tell us?

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Randall Carlson: Earth Changes and the Precession of the Equinox

Randall Carlson tries to dispel misunderstandings surrounding the Earth’s changes and place the subject on a solid scientific foundation. He uses mythic traditions of the past with scientific research in the fields of geology, astronomy, paleontology, archeology and ancient history.

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2012 Theories and Myths: Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Gary Baddeley

DragonCon 2010 served as setting for this fascinating Question and Answer Panel entitled “2012 Theories and Myth featuring best selling author Graham Hancock, Renegade Scholar Randall Carlson & Filmmaker & Ceo of the Disinformation publishing company Gary Baddeley as well as other special guests. This was recorded on Sunday September 5th 2010 during the annual DragonCon celebration in Atlanta, Ga

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Fractal Geology & Ice-Age Catastrophe

Randall Carlson presents Fractal Geology & Ice-Age Catastrophe at EvolverFest…

On Sunday, June 7th, 2009, Evolver Atlanta presented the first annual EvolverFest, a one-of-a-kind festival experience bringing together our citys most visionary Evolutionaries for a day of enlightening ideas and conscious celebration.

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The Great Year

Randall Carlson presents “The Great Year” for the Noetic Sciences. Randall delves into the multimedia portion of his presentation, combining artwork, aerial photography, ancient texts, and more…

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