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SGI Mission

It is the mission of Sacred Geometry International and The Cosmographic Research Institute to investigate and document the catastrophic history of the world and the evidence for advanced knowledge in earlier cultures; through educational programs to advance a deeper understanding of the implications of this knowledge for both past and the future of planet Earth and Human civilization upon it; […]

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Support SGI

“Those who love wisdom must investigate many things. – Heraclitus ca 500 BC “Research must follow in the footsteps of Nature.” – Micahel Maier in Atalanta Fugeins — 1618 Welcome to Sacred Geometry International where we unveil the ancient mysteries, exploring the interface between archaic wisdom and modern science and the infinite possibilities emerging through their synthesis. We invite you […]

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Archetype Builders

Randall Carlson is a 3rd generation master builder and with his brother Rhoen Carlson they have been renovating and designing homes for over 40 years. You can see examples of their work here on their website archetypebuilders.com

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School and Research Center

School and Research Center Under Construction! In the near future we will be offering local classes as well as telecourses for aspiring initiates of the Mysteries. Reading lists, syllabi and other information will be made available as we are able to. Thank you and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Soon each of the […]

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