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Sacred Geometry Classes: Levels 1-3

This is the most comprehensive, hands-on course available in the methods and philosophy of Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of interesting and important topics from metaphysical, scientific, artistic and occult traditions. 9 classes in total with step by step instructions via streaming video, and pdf handouts. We’ve gone the extra mile to make this material as approachable and easily understood as possible.

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SGI Programs

Under Construction! Soon each of the programs listed in the drop down menu will be available for purchase online in streaming and DVD form and serve as a blueprint for establishing a nuanced understanding of the purpose and application of the lost science of harmony also known as the “Great Work.” Please subscribe to our Email List, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter or RSS feeds to stay […]

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Climate Change: A Catastrophist’s Perspective

An in depth examination of the science and politics behind a modern day controversy.

Is the issue settled, as mainstream media would have us believe?
Is there truly a consensus to which all climate scientists agree? What exactly does consensus mean in science?
What does the peer reviewed literature actually tell us?

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The Cosmic Science of Sacred Architecture

The Cosmic Science of Sacred Architecture An exploration of the history, methods, philosophy and cryptic science of the ancient Master Builders.  Includes investigations into Sacred Geometry, Geodesy, Archaeoastronomy, Metrology, Symbolism, Resonance, etc.  The history of an esoteric order of initiated builder/architects, resurrecting an ancient system:  the relevance of this knowledge for today.

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The Great Year of the World

The Great Year of the World An investigation into the fundamental and vitally important doctrine of cosmic cycles and the Sacred Geometry of Time.  A comprehensive model that lays the groundwork for all subsequent material on Earth and planetary change.  Basic knowledge of Sacred Geometry is a prerequisite for this program.

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Earth Changes – Unsealing The Apocaplypse

Earth Changes – Unsealing The Apocaplypse Mythology, Science and Prophecy come together in the most comprehensive and credible presentation of authentic Earth Change Knowledge available anywhere, bar none.  Due to the broad and inclusive nature of the material, this program is a multi-part presentation intended for serious students of planetary change.  It contains much original material available nowhere else.  This […]

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Archaic Wisdom and Symbolism

Archaic Wisdom and Symbolism A study of the Arcanum, the profound knowledge at the core of the Western Mystery Tradition.  This program includes an examination of the Tarot and Alchemy as well as Hermetic Tradition.  This program includes an examination of the Tarot and Alchemy as well as Hermetic, Kabalistic, Gnostic, Masonic and Occult symbolism in the light of modern […]

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Lost Civilizations of North America

Lost Civilizations of North America An in-depth exploration of the little known Pre-Columbian Civilizations of North America including the Anasazi, The Mayans and the Moundbuilders.  Demonstrating the links between ancient North American civilizations and old world cultures, including the Egyptians, Sumerians and the Megalith builders of Northwestern Europe, pointing to the existence of a universal system of esoteric knowledge.  The […]

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The Mysterious Holy Grail

The Mysterious Holy Grail What was the Holy Grail?  In this program the Grail is presented as a symbol for a powerful lost technology of planetary renewal and regeneration.  Working from translations of medieval Grail Romances, Randall places Grail imagery in the historical context of the extraordinary High Middle Ages that also saw the building of the Gothic Cathedrals, the […]

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Atlantis Drawing upon ancient sources, primarily the writings of Plato, this presentation updates the theories of Atlantis with reference to modern discoveries in Geology, Oceanography, Astronomy, Geophysics, etc. providing a scientific basis consistent with traditions of old- perhaps the most credible presentation of Atlantis material available anywhere.  This program is a prerequisite for participation in the quest for Atlantis, voyage […]

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