September 22, 2016 at 9:02 am

Update – GNOSIS – Podcast Fundraiser Sale – Save 22.2% and Help SGI Rewrite History!

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Greetings everyone.

GNOSIS – The Sacred Geometry International podcast will be recording its first show this Sunday and we’d like to know what questions you have for Randall and Camron.

Please send your questions to with Gnosis Podcast Question in the subject field, please keep your questions concise. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon! Like tomorrow soon! 😉 – Astromonk

Greetings everyone!

First of all, Thank you so very much for your continued support of our work. Without you none of this would have been possible.

We have a lot in store for you in 2017 and are gearing up now to blow your minds on a more regular basis.

Announcing the upcoming (with your support) launch of our new video podcast GNOSIS.

We’ve got mics, a mixer, headphones, space, time, and air to breathe, we just need your support to put the finishing touches on our updated network, which will include an all new website with integrated community and forum features. (see screenshots below) A video podcast studio with Randall Carlson and Camron Wiltshire (Astromonk) interviewing the leading edge scholars representing a new educational zeitgeist of interdisciplinary, seekers, scientists, independent researchers, artists, authors, inventors, dreamers, architects and builders of the better world we know is possible.

To this effect we would like to raise at least $3,333.00 to cover the set up and equipment fees for both the podcast and our new website. This will enable us to pay our developers for their time (they’ve volunteered extensively already), to pay of the credit cards used to get the current equipment in studio and to bring you unparalleled paradigm changing material from the inimitable Randall Carlson on a more regular and intimate basis.

We’ve added a few items to our store including new Tshirts, Mugs, Signed Posters (coming soon) and more so if you are so inclined, please consider sporting our new gear, in support of our acquiring new gear to finish out the podcast studio. If anyone wants to donate large sums of cash, we will not, repeat, will not hold it against you. We are aiming to have at least two 55″ 4k flat screens to provide a digital chalkboard for Randall as well as the ability to feature our telepresent guests onscreen in studio, just like you see here in Randall’s recent appearance on the Antidote podcast with Michael Parker.

We are hoping to match their production quality in time (have to work out all the kinks, please bear with us) and on that note I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting us behind the scenes these past few years with preparing for this next phase of the enterprise. Thank you to my lovely wife Afua Richardson, Andrew Zucker, Jesse Cdebaca, Keith Roberts, Ace Harney, Ian Macken and many more for all the kindness and for rolling up their sleeves to help us make this dream real.

We are looking forward to piercing the veil with you all soon, see you on the otherside!

Every dollar raised will go towards finalizing our podcast studio, donations are of course always welcome. Please make your purchases on our online store below.

In the spirit of philosophic fellowship,

Camron Wiltshire aka Astromonk

Sneak peek.

  • Andy M

    Good luck on your Podcast! I will subscribe.

  • Ian Hulstein

    Good luck guys! I just bought some swag. Can’t wait to hear more of Randall, more sacred geometry, more catastrophism and more alternative approaches to mythology, folklore, and religious symbolism. Please just don’t turn into a conspiracy theory show where anything goes. Thanks from Canada 😀

    • Thank you Ian! Everything we discuss will surely be sourced and if it is speculative we will state as much of course. Appreciate your continued support! – Astromonk

  • GnoSophia

    I wish this project good Fortune and would like to help support it But I am having a little trouble figuring out how. I mean do i just donate or purchase your gear or is there a specific link to use the coupon code for the “Gnostic Podcast”?

    Thanks for all your Teams Work and I do appreciate it.

    Kind Regards From AmeriKa, FEMA region IX

    • GnoSophia

      Never Mind, Read the new email and it explained it for me.

  • rachel

    keep up the good work the world needs it!

  • Proteus

    when does the first episode air, and where is the rss feed for Gnosis
    P.s. I’m a supporter for the show

    • Greetings Proteus,
      Randall should be here anyday to film episode 1. Currently we are developing the new website and all of the back end to deliver the shows seamlessly to everyone. Thank you for your support, I promise the wait will be worth it.