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Introduction to Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson (Webinar Video) All Classes 50% off till New Year!

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LEVEL 1: Apprentice: Initiation into the Mysteries of the Temple: Learning the language of Geometry and Symbolism

Sacred Geometry is a profound esoteric/metaphysical language, utilized by adepts of old to encode occult teachings.

Sacred Geometry is a philosophical/psychological system that aids in understanding the nature of reality, stimulates and inspires the creative faculties and reveals an ethical basis for living with virtue and due proportion in the world.

Sacred Geometry is a practical tool, utilized by Builders, Architects, Craftspeople, Designers,

Artists, Gardeners and Musicians throughout history to create works of exceptional power and beauty that resonate with the natural order of creation.

Our intention with this class is to teach the use of Sacred Geometry as a practical tool as well as a philosophical and occult system. To that end it is important to attain mastery of two things. First is the mastery of the drawing techniques, the ‘constructions’ as they are called in the lingo of Geometry. The second is to attain mastery of geometric reasoning. It is this skill that facilitates the process of geometric problem solving, that is, understanding how to design and layout specific forms, patterns and diagrams for purposes of discerning real world applications and solutions to a variety of creative problems.

In other words it is equally important to understand the Why of geometric principles as well as the How.

The advantage of an online course such as this is that you work at your own pace. If you had difficulty with math in school it is because the pace of learning is standardized in modern educational institutions and not geared to the learning style of individuals. Take your time, perform the exercises as many times as you need before moving on.

-Randall Carlson


This course is complete, archived, and available at anytime for aspiring students of the Mysteries.

Class Videos

Lesson 1: Drawing Techniques: Use of the Compasses, Constructions Lines and Permanent Lines

Lesson 2: Circle Definitions, Radius, Diameter, Chord, Tangent, Secant

Lesson 3: Drawing the Vesica:Portal to the Kingdom of Sacred Geometry

Lesson 4: Proposition #3 Side Angle Side

Lesson 5: Proposition #4 Side Side Side, Definition of a Right Angle

Class PDF’s

Supplemental Media

The Meaning of Sacred, Geometry,Sacred Geometry Classes, Learn Sacred Geometry

The Meaning of Sacred Geometry
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This is the most comprehensive, hands-on course available in the methods and philosophy of Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of interesting and important topics from metaphysical, scientific, artistic and occult traditions.

Join Now! Level 1 classes are now complete, archived and accessible at anytime for aspiring students of the Mysteries.

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