March 2, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Lunar Mysteries

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Lunar Mysteries

The Moon in ancient lore, modern science and occult wisdom.  This is one of Randall’s most remarkable presentations.  We will say no more about it here.



  • Kevin

    How do I get ahold of a the presentation? It’s not on you-tube and I can’t find it anywhere

  • Where do I sign up?

  • Mir

    And when will it be available?

    • Hopefully in the not too distant future. Plenty on our plate at the moment but may do a crowdsourcing campaign to really do this presentation the right way. Thank you for your interest, please considering joining our mailing list or subscribing to our youtube channel to get the latest updates.

      • Thomas Pineo

  • M

    When will the moon mysteries book be available?

  • Ron

    This is one Im anxiously waiting for! Any estimate when more will be available ?

  • Head shaker

    Hay, get it together guys. You have a corner on the market where this information is concerned. You have enough on the site to not need these teasers that lead to nothing but a flier to a gig long past. Either put up what you have or don’t show it at all. This is a tease with no substance.

  • curious458743

    when is this going to be available to watch?

  • Thomas Pineo

    So is there any content here? Am i missing something?