July 5, 2013 at 8:33 pm

Protected: Sacred Geometry Classes Level 1 Class 6

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  • Cimmeron Munchie

    Randall, just wonderful, these presentations and I mean The Works! I used a square grid under the pyramid. Opp = 14, Adj = 11, Hyp = 17.8. Used COS = Adj/Hyp = 51.831 degrees.

    I had to review Trig functions, as I’ve never had reason to use ( before now! )
    Curious if you will show an easier routine Randall?

    I noticed the pyramid baseline looked like a match for Merkaba 19.5 degrees ( if added inverted pyramid and circled. ) It looks very close. Will send a pic.

    Thanks Randall and Camron ( and Team ) Lovely job!


  • Linda

    Terrific philosophical lecture. Can’t wait for the next!

  • Mishal Alhouti

    wow i liked the first video its the same method that been used to built the coral castle in florida
    i wish MR.CLARSON do more videos like these and in astrology

    thanks alot