June 13, 2013 at 11:50 pm

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  • Neenah

    Randall points out that certain numbers repeat in terms of time
    and distance and that the measurements of the platonic solids are reflected in
    the Great Year. Is there any explanation for why
    these “coincidences” happen?

    While I listened to SGI Radio Episode1 Pt1, I checked
    Scott Olson’s website at: http://www.secretsinplainsight.com and listened
    to his second DVD which is available online. It is clear from the DVD that the architects and city planners in
    Washington, DC, San Francisco, London, and Paris are obsessed with Egyptian
    culture and the worship of Isis, Osiris, Sirius (star of Isis), etc.

    Three more questions:

    1. What is it about Egyptian religion/science that these folks found so

    2. What is the power in the use of this information?

    3. Why is the importance Egypt hidden and the West focused instead on Greece,
    Rome, and Christianity?

  • Jake

    – Randall makes reference too a compass-point being “a void of unmanifested existence”. To achieve deep states of meditation (which, might I add, is when you may encounter sacred geometry first hand), often, an aid in doing so is focusing on a centre of a mandala or a ‘dot in the midst of the absolute”, if you will.. What are your comments on that thought?

    – Do you, and if so ‘How do you’ apply sacred geometry to your everyday routine? (Aside from teaching and/or drawing propositions)

    – After getting into your video: Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe, and learning about the Great Year, I wonder; Do you see our near future coming together on the subject and having a ‘great build’, if you will, similar to the ‘boom’ of the gothic cathedrals being build and sudden common interest of the subject?

    – Also, I am currently being petitioned into freemasonry and thought I would ask a Mason like yourself, how a friend (a fellow Mason) might interpret my interest in the esoteric. Perhaps I should keep this interest to myself? I realize this question may not apply to the whole class so please feel free to email me with response to this last question. Thanks

  • Delores DeVore

    Good Morning Randall. After viewing the DVD, reading what Gary Bonnell has posted on Facebook about our future in the Akashic Records, and James Mahu (Wingmakers) latest book. We know the possibility of something happening – most likely “Fire” or sun flares followed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. So what do we do with this information, can it be eliminated or the effect lessened, and if so how? – What do you see for our immediate future?

  • Mark Pollock

    Hello Guys…here are a few – if you have the time, thank you!

    1. Has there been any research that involves geodesic measurement of other planets that show similar properties that earth measurement does? Like the correlation of the proportions of the earth and moon in relation to the sun?
    2. In ancient languages ala Hebrew…What came first, the words for letters or the letters themselves? For instance Aleph = A. Also how did the Gemmatria develop and then splinter with true number signs 1, 2, 3…any clues?
    3. Have you ever put thought into expanding earth theory? And the relationship of expanding earth with directed panspermia? Much in the same way we would envision “seeding” a potentially inhabitable planet/moon.
    4. Do you think the earth ever revolved around the sun in 360 days flat? True harmonic convergence or a Golden Age?

    Thank you again for all of this!

  • Ben

    1. At the end of Doris Lessing’s book Shikasta, a group of people go about creating new settlements shaped into different geometrical forms and located in specific places. I think the basic idea of this was to engender in the populations that would live there harmony and different states/qualities of consciousness. This idea is similar to the idea in hermetic/occult thinking to the law of vibration(all is vibration) etc. So, I guess my question is: Do you think that the elements/principles of sacred geometry implemented on a large scale could have such concrete effects as changing the vibration/state of one’s psyche or consciousness or those of whole groups? If so, could a part of our current sociopolitical mess be affected or remedied by a return to life in a more harmonious environment? In a world driven primarily by the profit motive, how could such a transformation be peacefully achieved? Thanks, Ben

  • Jaime

    Hello from Ecuador. Here’s the GPS coordinates of our Center: 0.089521 N, 78.514058 W.

    Here are some photos of the construction of our Center as of last October, 2012.

    Will upload more, but for now this gives you an idea of what the geometry of the first four buildings.


  • Marta Zilberts

    I’m soo disappointed the code didn’t seem to work for me and I was not able to “attend” the conference. I hope this can get sorted out before the next conference as I was interested in listening to what my fellow classmates had to say. I also don’t seem to be able to use the last password I had for lesson 4 to get in to download the MP3 of the conference. Some help would be greatly appreciated !

    • Hi Marta,
      We are sorry that you were unable to attend as well. I don’t know what the issue might have been. Were you using Skype to call in? I will respond via email with my personal cell phone so that you can be sure to reach me in the event of more connecting issues.