September 19, 2011 at 12:47 am

Joe Rogan and Daniel Pinchbeck: “As above so below”


The King and The Land are one.  Looking forward to reintroducing Randall Carlson to these prolific speakers when the time is right.  He could provide a voluminous amount of mythical and hard geological science to flesh out this concept for Joe and Daniel.

Enjoy, the conversation in question begins at 46:00 minutes into the conversation.

Joe to Daniel:  “And you’re basing all of this stuff on completely human behavior and human actions, you’re not even including natural factors right? Real big cataclysmic events will be catalysts for change whether you like it or not…”  They would be completely unavoidable because..

Joe and Daniel then dialog about the link from the perspective of Indigenous cultures that the people and Earth share a reciprocal relationship healthwise.

Daniel:   (Regarding natural disasters)  “The level of human concsiousness is more meshed with the planet then we might believe…  Somehow the level of human spiritual development and how much we are in a reciprocal relationship with our local world , you know,  has an effect on what types of catastrophe’s do or don’t occur…”

Joe:  ” God Damn! So when the Earth is sick it’s because we’re sick, and we’re all sick along with it.  So as tsunamis and hurricanes and earthquakes and ultimately shifts to the polar ice caps and shit like that and super volcanoes and yellow stone that are ready to blow and kill half the shit on the continent that that is all in correspondence with the sickness of this species with us.

Daniel:  “That’s the indigenous perspective yes..”

Joe:   “It really does make sense that it operates on  macro,micro level and ultimately this one gigantic level

Daniel:  Which is what western alchemist talk about when they say “As above so below”

Joe Rogan:  “How fucking crazy is it to think that human behavior can inspire storms…”



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