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The Randall Carlson Smear Campaign – Part 1


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The Randall Carlson Smear Campaign, Brad Young, GeoCosmicRex, Lies, Slander, Defamation, Manipulation, Evidence,
Randall Carlson and Brad Young, Two Smear Merchants with No Integrity. #TheRandallCarlsonSmearCampaign

What if I told you that everything you’ve heard about me from Randall Carlson’s camp is a lie? Today, I will uncover the truth behind a four-year-long smear campaign that has been waged against me without a shred of evidence.

Today marks the 4th year of The Randall Carlson Smear Campaign. It was initiated by Bradley Young of GeoCosmicRex.com who is a long time friend, business partner and research assistant of Randall Carlson’s.
Brad took to his GeoCosmicRex Facebook Page on this day June 19th, 2020  (conveniently timed with the Summer Solstice) to start this now 4 year long ordeal that was completely uncalled for and unnecessary totally. Brad has to date produced ZERO evidence supporting the multitude of lies that he published then. You will see in the archive as the page is still up and the lies are still extant, that no evidence is provided, and that Brad doubles down on his harassment and bends reality to fit his narrative on multiple occasions.

Here is his exact quote attacking myself and SGI on that fated day:

Do not be fooled by the admin of SacredGeometryInternational posing as Randall Carlson. He even has access to post from Randall’s personal page! This charade is ending and we apologize to those who were duped into believing these social accounts were monitored by and the postings were from the Man Randall Carlson himself… – Brad Young

Brad Young, The Randall Carlson Smear Campaign, Randall Carlson, Facebook, Defamation, Slander, Libel
I have been blocked from commenting and thus defending myself on Bradley Young’s page on two separate accounts, my personal account and my SGI account.

Here is a list of the claims made by Brad:

1. I’m fooling people and posing as Randall Carlson.
2. That by having created and having admin access to the Facebook page entitled Randall Carlson with Randall Carlson’s explicit permission in 2009 ,a page he was also an administrator on, that I was somehow imitating Randall. This is clearly to give false legitimization to his first false claim.
3. This is a charade that I am behind.
4. I’ve duped people into believing that “The Man” Randall Carlson was monitoring and posting on these pages.

In fact I never once presented that I was Randall and Brad of course has ZERO evidence to back up his ludicrous smears against me and SGI. Brad of course does not feel the need to produce evidence because Randall Carlson has put him up to it and has reproduced this lie for the last 4 years on multiple podcasts, facebook and twitter posts. Randall also has provided ZERO evidence to support his claims.

I hereby challenge Randall Carlson, Brad Young, Marty Garza, Marc Young, Chris Cottrell or any other participants and enablers to this defamation and slander of my reputation, character and business to provide ANY evidence to support their ridiculous, offensive and completely false claims against me and Sacred Geometry International. As you will see, none will be forthcoming, for these coward tyrants only are tough online and are willing and able to lie to perpetuate this calculated take down effort on behalf of Randall Carlson and his business partners.

Where is your evidence Randall? Where is your proof Brad? You have none! Put Up or Shut Up. Everything they’ve stated is just hearsay repeated ad nauseam by enabling sycophants jockeying for inclusion. They are literally clout chasing beta male podcasters defined, as they have no honor, no integrity and no courage to seek the truth and speak the truth on this matter whatsoever.

Brad Young, The Randall Carlson Smear Campaign, Randall Carlson, Facebook, Defamation, Slander, Libel
Brad Young and Chris Cottrell both smear me but then block me so that I cannot respond. Total cowards.

I invite everyone who sees this to participate in questioning Brad and Randall on the facebook page and request evidence. Read the comments to date and ask yourself, who benefits from tearing down SGI and myself and for what purpose exactly?  Ask Brad Young and Chris Cottrell why they repeat this libel and defamation on their respective facebook pages and have blocked me from commenting on said pages?  Truth does not fear investigation, clearly they have a perverse incentive to silence and defame me.  How have they been rewarded for their part in this?  The same is true of Marc Young who emailed me by name and yet in the comments insists that I was posing as Randall Carlson via email, he has again, ZERO evidence for this while I in fact have evidence proving he knows he is lying.  

Brad Young accuses me of threatening him” another blatant lie told by a scurrilous smear merchant who blocks me when I challenge him to provide proof. Well Bradley, where is your evidence?  You claim you have an email that supposedly implicates me.  You have a website GeoCosmicRex.com and The Randall Carlson podcast, you have no excuse to not publish your evidence for all to see coward. Let’s see who is telling the truth, enough of your blather and bullshit. 

This is part one of an on going revelation and refutation of the malicious smear campaign launched and maintained over the last four years now by Randall Carlson and Brad Young. They’ve never once attempted to ameliorate or communicate fairly before launching this offensive against me and the record and evidence I have proves this unequivocally.

If you say I’m lying, PROVE IT.  Otherwise SUE ME!  The fact that you can’t prove any of your spurious smears and that you do not SUE is proof you have no real claim and are pathetic smear merchants engaged in defaming me and tortiously interfering with my business. 

I will clear my name and expose these clowns and their repeated lies for all the world to see.

Happy Summer Solstice guys, remember, you chose this path, now karma will inevitably pay you back for your sins.

So mote it be.


Camron Wiltshire

Co-founder of SacredGeometryInternational.com

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