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Sacred Geometry Classes: Levels 1-3




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The Inner Sanctum of Sacred Geometry: Exploring the Hidden Architecture of Creation. Sacred Geometry Online Classes: Levels 1-3

This is the most comprehensive, hands-on course available in the methods and philosophy of Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of interesting and important topics from metaphysical, scientific, artistic and occult traditions.

Our intention with this class is to teach the use of Sacred Geometry as a practical tool as well as a philosophical and occult system. To that end it is important to attain mastery of two things. First is the mastery of the drawing techniques, the ‘constructions’ as they are called in the lingo of Geometry.

The second is to attain mastery of geometric reasoning. It is this skill that facilitates the process of geometric problem solving, that is, understanding how to design and layout specific forms, patterns and diagrams for purposes of discerning real world applications and solutions to a variety of creative problems.

In other words it is equally important to understand the Why of geometric principles as well as the How. The advantage of an online course such as this is that you work at your own pace. If you had difficulty with math in school it is because the pace of learning is standardized in modern educational institutions and not geared to the learning style of individuals. Take your time, perform the exercises as many times as you need before moving on.

No mathematical background is required. We start with the basics and then proceed to more complex levels.

LEVEL 1: Initiation: Initiation into the Mysteries of the Temple. Learning the language of Geometry and Symbolism   15 hours of hands on instruction and philosophical exegesis over 8 (+1 bonus) classes

LEVEL 2: Evolution: Reading the Hermetic Blueprints

LEVEL 3: Adept: The Inner Sanctum of the Mysteries

Free Level 1 Class Preview!


Join Now!  Level 1 classes are now complete, archived and accessible at anytime for aspiring students of the Mysteries.

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Level 2 Classes 1- 4 are now available. 5-8 coming soon!

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You needn’t begin the classes at any particular time for once they are produced they are archived and accessible indefinitely.

Taught by Independent Scholar Randall Carlson

Payment options for all levels:

Tuition $222.00 for per level

 $122 for classes 1 – 4

$122 for classes 5 – 8

 $33.00 for each individual class

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“The practice of Sacred Geometry opens to the mind’s eye an analog of alternate worlds, higher dimensions representing the ultimate creative process and an unfolding evolution from Unity to multiplicity, and it demonstrates the fact that this unfolding on a cosmic scale is governed by the laws and relations of geometry.” – Randall Carlson


“Randall Carlson’s online classes transform the practical act of drawing with a compass and straight edge into a sacred spiritual exploration. In step-by-step videos Randall shows you not only how to draw as precisely as Euclid but in doing so, he hands you a time-honored key unlocking the very structure of the universe itself. Sacred Geometry International’s classes are exactly the kind of classes I wish I had in school—connecting geometry to wider vistas of symbolism, philosophy, and history. It’s never too late to be properly initiated into the art and science of sacred geometry.”

– Scott Onstott  Author of “Taking Measure” and Esoteric classics, Secrets in Plain Sight and Secrets in Plain Sight Volume 2.


The Inner Sanctum of Sacred Geometry: Exploring the Hidden Architecture of Creation

This is the most comprehensive, hands-on course available in the methods and philosophy of Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of interesting and important topics from metaphysical, scientific, artistic and occult traditions.

  • Sacred Geometry is a philosophical/psychological system that aids in understanding the nature of reality, stimulates and inspires the creative faculties and reveals an ethical basis for living with virtue and due proportion in the world.
  • Sacred Geometry is a practical tool, utilized by Builders, Architects, Craftspeople, Designers,
    Artists, Gardeners and Musicians throughout history to create works of exceptional power and beauty that resonate with the natural order of creation.
  • Sacred Geometry provides the key to revealing the invisible patterns of Creation and the cosmic blueprints for the building of Worlds.
  • Sacred Geometry reveals the keys of harmonic design and composition utilized by master artists, artisans, musicians, architects, builders, and craftsmen throughout the ages.
  • Sacred Geometry provides the key to understanding the Great Year the cosmic clock which reveals the cycles of planetary change and governs the unfolding of world events.
  • Sacred Geometry provides the key to revealing the invisible patterns of Creation. It unlocks the deepest mysteries of Cosmic Destruction and Renewal.
  • Sacred Geometry provided the alphabet with which the Master Builders of old conceived and constructed their masterpieces of stone and clay and wood and the master key to unlock their concealed teachings. It unveils the cosmic blueprint for the building of Worlds and a new order of the Ages.
  • Sacred Geometry provides a powerful key for accessing the hidden mysteries of the archaic and metaphysical sciences such as Kabbalah, Alchemy, Freemasonry, Gnostic Christianity, the Mystery Religions, Sacred writings and symbolism.
  • Sacred Geometry is a profound esoteric/metaphysical language, utilized by adepts of old to encode occult teachings.

Level 2 Class Schedule

Level 2 classes 1-4 are available now with 5-8 coming soon!

Please see the comprehensive syllabus (click on Gnosis tab above) for a list of topics explored in the extended course.

 No mathematical background is required. We start with the basics and then proceed to more complex levels.  The student is guided step by step into the deeper mysteries of Sacred Geometry



Piercing The Veil
Piercing The Veil

An Intensive Course in Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, Occult Symbolism, Arcane Wisdom, Earth Changes

Partial Syllabus The Inner Sanctum of Sacred Geometry: Levels 1 – 3

      • The Vesica: Portal to the Kingdom of Sacred Geometry
      • Dynamic Symmetry and Whirling Rectangles
      • Kabbalistic Geometry
      • The Fibonacci Series
      • The Divine Proportion and the Golden Section
      • The Golden Spiral
      • Squaring the Circle
      • The Mouth of RA
      • The Platonic Polyhedra
      • The Sacred Numbers of Time and Space
      • Pi in the Sky
      • Pythagorean Mathematics
      • The Natural Base e
      • Sacred Architecture:The Textbook of Ancient Science
      • The Cryptic Alphabet of the Ancient Master Builders:Reading the Blueprints of Creation
      • The Message of the Master Builders as revealed in the Geometry, Astronomy and Symbolism of Chartres Cathedral, Angkor Wat, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury,The Great Pyramid, Chitzen Itza, The Parthenon, etc.
      • The Cosmic Grail and Esoteric Christianity
      • The Fall of Man: Memories of Paradise
      • Occult Eschatology: Cycles of Creation, Destruction and Renewal
      • Catastrophism: Ancient and Modern
      • The Great Year of the World: Astronomical Ages, Global Change & The Wheel of Time
      • The Deluge: Legend and Reality of the Great Flood
      • Secrets of Ancient Astronomy, Geodesy and Metrology
      • Unsealing the Apocalypse: The Reality behind Traditions of Cosmic Destruction
      • Numbers of Revelation: The Number of the Beast, the Dimensions of the Holy City, etc.
      • The Alchemical Quest: The Stone of the Philosophers
      • Lunar Enigmas: The Implications of Green Cheese
      • Symbolism and Mysteries of Hermetic, Gnostic, Cabalistic and Masonic Traditions
      • Plato’s Atlantis: The Myth and the Reality
      • Mesoamerican Mysteries and Cosmology
      • The Ancient Ones in North America: The Great Earthworks, Chaco, etc.
      • Astro-mythology and Geo-mythology
      • The Language of the Birds: The Universal Tongue of the Mysteries
      • Gematria: The Number/Letter Code and the Inner Dimension of Language
      • The Cosmological Tarot
      • The Shaman’s Drum: The Rhythms of Creation
      • The Esoteric Orders: The Mysteries of Eleusis, Freemasonry, Templar Knights, Rosicrucianism, Catharism, Mithraism, The Golden Dawn
      • Survival strategies for the Twenty First Century in Light of Ancient Knowledge: Individual, social and ecological
      • The Great Work Renewed: A Vision for America
      • Rebuilding the Holy City


Required tools and Supplies


  • Large drawing pad (at least 18″ minimum dimensions)
  • Colored pens and pencils
  • Drawing and/or drafting tools (Excellent drawing compasses will be available for purchase
  • Ruler/straight edge
  • Scientific calculator (TI-30XA by Texas Instruments is the preferred model, approx. $14 at Office Depot, etc.
  • Three-ring binder and plastic sheet protectors to organize the many handouts which are included in the course.

Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson

Ask Randall
Independent Scholar Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson circa 1985
Randall Carlson teaching Sacred Geometry Circa 1985

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. He has 4 decades of study, research and exploration Into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, has been an active Freemason for 30 years and is Past Master of one of the oldest and largest Masonic lodges in Georgia. He has been recognized by The National Science Teachers Association for his commitment to Science education for young people. The acclaimed 1997 TBS/CNN documentary “Fire from the Sky” was based upon his research into Earth change and catastrophic events. He has organized several dozen field expeditions documenting evidence for catastrophic earth change. He has received academic recognition for outstanding work as a student of geology. His work incorporates Ancient Mythology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Paleontology, Symbolism, Sacred Geometry and Architecture, Geomancy, and other arcane and scientific traditions. For over 25 years he has presented classes, lectures, and multimedia programs synthesizing this information for students of the Mysteries.

Randall has taught classes, workshops, and has lectured to thousands of students since 1980. He integrates the study of Sacred Geometry with the mysteries of Sacred Architecture and other esoteric and metaphysical systems from a variety of ancient and modern traditions.

His approach is to utilize the classical hands-on methods of the Pythagorean and Platonic schools enhanced by the use of multimedia and computer technology. His lectures and workshops serve as an introduction to the profound art and science of Sacred Geometry and establish the foundation upon which more advanced classes are offered.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from one of Randall’s former homeschooling students as copied from her blog post: Gratitude Celebration 46 Teacher Friends.

I want to especially thank a few of the wonderful teacher friends who blessed us with their dedication and superior classes. Randall Carlson, master of mathematics and sacred geometry, taught his informal math classes for several semesters while Simon was eligible for them. Randall’s classes were so good that several parents, myself included, joined in for the twice-weekly sessions. Under Randall’s tutelage, I learned the foundations of geometry and algebra from their origins and through diagrams and proofs, not just from abstract formulas. We used 20”x 28” drawing pads for our books, constructing geometric proofs with custom made compasses that could draw 12” circles. Our drawings would come alive when we followed his encouragement to color them in when they were finished.

We learned The Golden Mean by proving it algebraically, then discovering the many places this ratio occurs in nature, in our bodies, in the solar system, in French cathedrals, and in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Randall taught these classes as his hobby to supplement his work as a remodeling construction master, along with his brother. One day, while we were studying the geometry of ovals, he said, “If you’re interested, how about stopping over at one of our construction jobs after class. We’ve got an oval arch going up.” Simon and I agreed to go, and just as we stepped into the house, the builders were raising the arch! We could see the geometric drawing where they had constructed it still marking the floor. It was a life sized version of what we had drawn in class that day! Magical moments like that were always happening in Randall’s class. I credit him for reawakening my love of mathematics and for re-educating my understanding of it!

Ironically, he was not hired by the newly formed Waldorf High School around that time because he lacked a college degree! Everything he had learned and so masterfully taught was “homeschooled!”

Workshops can be scheduled worldwide.

For more information, please Contact Us

Class Excerpt

Class Excerpt

Randall Carlson circa 1985
Randall Carlson teaching Sacred Geometry Circa 1985

Randall Carlson Instructing
Randall Carlson Instructing Circa 2010

Here is an example of the types of information conveyed in every Sacred Geometry Class.

Randall Carlson on Geometry & the Right Angle (from Decatur, GA class 7/14/06)

(some classroom conversational speaking style is maintained in this transcription)

(from class) “What is the purpose of studying these geometric relations?”

If you’re an artist, a designer, a builder…If you think…If you have a brain in your head and you use it to think – there is no better way of developing your reasoning mind than going through a process of geometric exercises. There is no better way! That’s why I gave you a handout…it was an entrance to a temple…Who has it? OK, on this I had an inscription that Plato put above the door of his Academy of Metaphysics. What it said was “Let no one enter this portal, who is ignorant of geometry.” If you wanted to study metaphysics with Plato, you had to know geometry.

“Let no one enter this portal, who is ignorant of geometry. If you wanted to study metaphysics with Plato, you had to know geometry.”
“Let no one enter this portal, who is ignorant of geometry.” If you wanted to study metaphysics with Plato, you had to know geometry.

Why? Because he knew that people could study metaphysics, and they could go completely bonkers, unless they had also developed the ability to think rationally and logically. “Bonkers?” Well, only if it becomes imbalanced to the point… Haven’t you ever known people who were into metaphysics, who just didn’t know how to cope with the real world?

…All this [basic geometry] leads to the higher levels of Sacred Geometry which is… If you want to look at a Gothic Cathedral, or the Great Pyramid, or Stonehenge, or the Castillo at Chichen Itza, or any of the ancient sacred structures, and figure out what they’re saying…It’s all presented in the language of geometry.

See, these relationships are fundamental to, basically, the structure of our consciousness. It’s not like this is something that we invented, this is something that we discovered. It’s intrinsic within the fabric of nature itself. And the proportions that we find that govern nature are also the proportions that govern our consciousness. And so, in effect, what Plato understood, and what everybody I think understood about it, that studied Sacred Geometry was, that in effect, it was a way of developing your consciousness as well…Because there are certain fundamental patterns of harmony. Now, what we’re doing here is the basics. The questions you asked me, that would be like…I’m here and I’m presenting to you – here’s the letters of the alphabet ABCD… Learn the letters of the alphabet. Then you were to ask me: “But what would I do with this?” How would I answer that??? What wouldn’t you do with it? What would you do without it? Those would be my questions!

[pullquote]When Euclid wrote down his propositions…What he was doing, was he was taking an ancient sacred science and actually putting it down systematically and presenting it to the world.[/pullquote] And that’s the fundamental idea. This is an alphabet we’re learning here. When Euclid wrote down his propositions…What he was doing, was he was taking an ancient sacred science and actually putting it down systematically and presenting it to the world. And without Pythagoras, without Euclid, essentially the whole superstructure of our modern civilization wouldn’t exist! There’s nothing that doesn’t ultimately trace its origins back to what we’re talking about right here – Nothing! I mean, understanding the dimensions of the universe and the solar system, without this, you wouldn’t be able to do it. We’d still be thinking perhaps that the entire universe was pasted on the inside of a shell, out at the level of the moon. But these are the basic techniques that you need to have, to be able to do the more advanced exercises, which are the patterns and the diagrams, the sacred diagrams that were used by the master masons. There was a set of these sacred diagrams, and they were used by master masons all over the ancient world to develop the proportions of their temples and their sacred structures. And I’ve shown some of those, I’ll pull one up here on the computer and show you an example…

“How does this relate to my consciousness?”

Well, in fact, one of the handouts that you will get tonight is a whole set of quotes, taken from various sources – ancient sources, poetic sources and so on, talking about the whole concept of self-similarity. You know, the idea of fractals, if you take a section, a part of a whole, and the whole…the pattern of the whole is reflected into that part. So with a fractal, no matter what, you can take a piece of it and blow it up, you know expand it, enlarge it, and it’s the same pattern that you started with. Well, that was a concept that was very familiar to the geometricians of old. And there was actually a term, invented by Jay Hambidge, that I talked about in one of the earlier lectures, and he called it “Dynamic Symmetry”. This is where you have this relationship between the whole and the part, and the parts reflect the whole and vice-versa. That was considered to be the key, the basis for understanding harmony.

(referring to the prior drawing exercise)

…So now you have a whole different set of ways for creating right angles…And right angles, you know, we’ve so overused in our modern culture that we kind of just take it for granted. But early on, somewhere along the line, the discovery of the right angle was considered a very profound breakthrough. And the right angle…I showed you a quote by the ancient Chinese, talking about the significance of the right angle…Because, you know, by putting the pole in the ground, and if the ground is flat, and the pole is plumb, you’ve got a right angle, and then as the sun casts shadows, it creates angles, and then from those angles you then determine, as they said, “the ten thousand things”. But it starts very simply – it starts with putting a pole in the ground, and setting out a right angle of 90 degrees.

And see, we humans…That’s what makes us unique among the animal kingdom, it’s our vertical orientation. As we stand here, we create a perpendicular. A natural perpendicular to the surface of the Earth. We’re an ‘upright’. In Freemasonry, they have the moral principle of rectitude. Which means basically, moral uprightness. And they symbolize that by the plumb-bob. You know, all the tools, the builders tools and the geometricians tools have these moral and ethical correlations to them. And we human beings are the ones that can have moral codes, because we understand the principle of uprightness, which is also rectitude.

And think of also, how it’s encoded in our language – the way we speak. Like when we say…I’m doing business with you, and when we’re concluding our business, and you’re satisfied and I’m satisfied, then we shake hands and we say: “Are we square?“ “We’re square.” Do we have a right angle? Or, “Are we on the level?” They always say…”How do masons meet?” This applies to most of the ancient orders, but in particular in the case of the Freemasons, they say: “How do masons meet?” “On the level.” So the idea being, in the lodge, in the occult lodges, or in the lodges of Freemasonry, it doesn’t matter what your station is in the outside world, when you’re in the lodge you’re all equal. In fact that Masonic principle was one of the guiding principles in the founding of our democratic republic here. The idea of equality: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that we are all created equal.” Now that doesn’t mean necessarily that we all have the same amount of money, or the same amount of good looks, or the same amount of intelligence. What it means is that in our social stations, and so forth, these are just roles, and ultimately, beyond our social roles, we’re all basically equal. We’re all constituted of the same divine spark, and are therefore equal, in the eyes of God, or, before the law.

So, we say, “How do masons meet?” So, if you’re in the lodge, and when we’re going to conclude, you say, “How do masons meet?” And see, everybody steps down to the same level, to reinforce that principle that we’re all on the same level. And “How act?” “By the plumb.” There’s the idea of moral rectitude, moral uprightness. “How part?” “ On the square.” And see, those little idioms have found their way into common usage, and people say it all the time without realizing that it has this pedigree to it, this history to it, you know? Masons part upon the square. They always say it: “Part upon the square.” Meaning that everything is ‘right’ between us…

“I’m glad I asked the question…That was wonderful!”

If you are interested in studying Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson please Sign Up and if you have any questions please Contact Us.

Reading List

Reading List

Crafting a well honed sword of reason requires diligent study and humility.

The following links provide a plethora of free information related to Sacred Geometry, Mystery school esotericism and philosophy.  Aspiring students of the Mysteries and Sacred Geometry will appreciate the wisdom imparted here.

If you are ready to participate in these upcoming classes please secure your spot now by visiting our store to register for our upcoming course.

If you have any questions regarding classes please feel free to  Contact Us , as we would be happy to assist you.

If you appreciate the voluminous free information we are providing to the world and want to help support us in continuing to share this knowledge, please consider donating to Sacred Geometry International.

or visit our store to purchase our videos, podcasts and other  merchandise and please also consider also becoming a member [COMING SOON!] to receive exclusive content and bonus material not available anywhere else.

It is our aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.

Thank you and Godspeed


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This is the most comprehensive, hands-on course available in the methods and philosophy of Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of interesting and important topics from metaphysical, scientific, artistic and occult traditions.

Free Level 1 Class Preview!

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Level 2 classes are forming now and will begin on January 22nd, 2014 and proceed until March 19th 2014.

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Level 2 Classes begin on Wednesday January  22nd and continue

 Wednesday March 19th, 2014.

Taught by Independent Scholar Randall Carlson

Tuition $222.00 for the entire course

$122 for classes 1 – 4

$122 for classes 5 – 8

$33.00 for each individual class

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SGI Classes: Gold Combo Package
SGI Classes: Gold Combo Package
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SGI Classes: Silver Combo Package
SGI Classes: Silver Combo Package
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SGI Classes: Bronze Combo Package
SGI Classes: Bronze Combo Package
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  11. Christopher McKay

    Well damn, If I had the money I would be all over this.

    • Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas

      I agree with you, brother. We shouldn’t receive these teachings in exchange of vile money. Prophecies of my Inka culture and Anishinaabe (just to mention two indigenous mature cultures inside out) warned the arrival of false prophets. They were going to mediate themselves with money and you understood that factum. Bravo!

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    • Greetings Ben,

      Level 3 classes may be made available the second half of 2016, not sure at the moment because we have so much going on, thank you for your inquiry. I will be updating the forum as time allows, in the interim please join the conversation via our online facebook group facebook.com/groups/sacredgeometryinternational

      Best wishes,

      Astromonk with the super soul funk

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    They are just video’s on the internet, i cant converse or ask you in depth questions about this subject in any detail without requiring a lot of your time by typing. Furthermore im a firm believer that all information & education should be free. Is there a way i can continue with your video’s without paying, or do you have any sites/pages where i can continue learning from text/diagram?

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        • It is not about monetization. It’s about an alternative that will offer you most of the same information. Just studying “How the World is Made” will keep your mind/soul in wonder for the rest of your life.

          • Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas

            I come from the Aymara nation in the Andes, living on the back of the Turtle with Anishinaabe mature cultures. We have been o the land for about 20 thousand years, if we believe Western sciences, and from the begginning, if we believe my peoples legends and prophecies.
            I already live in awe, in numderless wonder and in profound state of beauty and humility. It is my mature culture’s magic that has conceded me this and my responsibility is to keep things sacred as in ancestral times.
            I insist that monetization is a fundamental evil of what the Europeans brought to my and my sisters and brothers land. We got to get rid of it, before it is too late. Is it too late? Truthfully explain this to your kids or grandkids.
            Yuspagaratata (thanks asaddressed to men) and walk lightly and lovingly on our Ultimate Mother (she does not get why $…)

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    If it’s ‘sacred’, why does it have a price tag? An Inka ancestor of mine said in 1562 (Manko Inka Yupanquui), before waging the last battle against the European invaders: “they will come and impose profane perceptions on us, displacing our sacred geographies”.
    To my humble understanding, Money is the quintaessence of profanity.
    These ‘courses’ don’t have a clue about what is sacred.
    The Sacred has to be shared, otherwise we inhabit the realm of profanity ($).
    So sad!
    Elder marcelo

  26. Hello, I would like to know when Level 2 classes 5-8 will be available and also Level 3.
    Thank’s in advance and best regards

    • Greetings Mateo,

      We don’t have a firm time at the moment for completing the level 2 classes, we will be releasing new materials as we can afford to produce them and have multiple projects in the works to fast forward our efforts in that direction; so please stay tuned and if you are able any support is appreciated and goes to that end. Thank you and best wishes.

  27. I am very interested in purchasing your classes. If I buy the gold package (the one that includes level 2) will I be eligible receive the rest of level 2 when it comes out?

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    He describes this thread as ‘very profound’, but does not elaborate. It is beyond profound, it is mind blowing. The last 3 weeks were spent digging through the discovery and I have barely touched the surface. Could someone please contact me, and assist in putting me in touch with Randall. I need to know if he is aware of this connection, and if so, why he didn’t put it in his classes. Thank you.

    (I did send an email but received no response.)