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An unexpected asteroid named 2019 OK just flew between Earth and the Moon, hammering home the need for continued improvements in both finding and tracking potentially hazardous asteroids.


A “CITY-KILLER” ASTEROID JUST MISSED HITTING EARTH TODAY Via:Newsweek.com BY MATT KEELEY ON 7/25/19 AT 5:33 PM EDT Earth nearly had a devastating collision with an asteroid travelling at nearly 15 miles a second today. Asteroid 2019 OK, estimated to be between 187 feet and 427 feet in diameter, came within 43,500 miles of striking the Earth — closer than […]

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The 2012 TC4 asteroid, seen at the center of this composite photo from the European Space Agency, will pass closer to Earth than the Moon (AFP Photo/HO)

Close call: passing asteroid to test Earth’s warning systems

Via Yahoo.com Mariëtte Le Roux AFPOctober 10, 2017 Paris (AFP) – A house-size asteroid will give Earth a near-miss Thursday, passing harmlessly inside the Moon’s orbit while giving experts a rare chance to rehearse for a real-life strike threat. Dubbed 2012 TC4, the space rock will shave past at an altitude of less than 44,000 kilometres (27,300 miles) — just […]

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