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Luciferian Philosophy Part 1 – Hour of the Time – Bill Cooper (Transcribed)


“Yes boy these people can lie remember they’re sworn never to tell you the truth about their organization upon the pain of death. Not just sworn once but sworn for every single degree that they obtain. Both of freemasonry’s highest authorities during the past 100 years clearly state that masonry is a religion complete with a religious creed of worship but just what kind of religion is Freemasonry?” – William Cooper

“My admonition to you is to read everything, listen to everyone, believe absolutely nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” – William Cooper

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

You’re listening to the hour of the time I’m William Cooper…

….I will attempt to open your minds and reveal to you some of the esoteric meaning behind what you read as literal meaning in the mysteries and you will be amazed if you listen very carefully you might learn something. I hope that you do ladies and gentlemen tonight we’re going to do one of the things that I love to do most best, to part the veil and peek behind the shroud of mystery that hides the secret religion of the ancient Brotherhood. That which people like Malleus Maleficarum believe in, Albert Pike, Alfred Boyd Kuhn, Manly P. Hall, George Bush, William Jefferson Clinton. You will begin, I guarantee you if you listen carefully and if you can think you will begin to see the light. You see they believe that the Western world has too long and fatuously labored under the delusion that a pious and about disposition fulfills the whole requirement of true religion.

Not so they say ancient sagacity knew that piety without intelligence or religion without philosophy was insufficient and even dangerous. It knew that general good intent was not safe from aberrancy, folly, and fanaticism unless it was directed by the highest powers and resources of the mind and remember always that this is what they believe, does not make it true and the mind itself they say had to be fortified with specific knowledge of the nature of the cosmos and of man and the relation between the two.

Following the dictum of the sage Hermes Trismegistus that the vice of a soul is ignorance the virtue of a soul is knowledge. The scriptures of old inculcated the precept that with all man’s getting he must first get wisdom and understanding. These were related to his well-being as health to his navel and marrow to his bones and would alone give him a crown of eternal life.

These things were pronounced more precious than all the things that he could design the Council of Illuminati therefore laid down their systems of cosmology and anthropology, which have become by immemorial tradition the Bibles of humanity universally reverenced and in them were given the ordinances of life, the constitution of the cosmos, the laws governing both nature and mind. They still constitute the magna carta of all human action guided by intelligence for they were the first Institute’s embodying the Principia and Fundamenta of all moral behavior the only true chart and compass to guide human effort, any line of harmony with an overshadowing divine plan of evolution for the cosmos.

The corruption and final loss of the basic meaning of these scriptures has been in the whole of time they believe the greatest tragedy in human history like Shakespeare’s time which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, but omitted castes all the rest of life and shoals and quicksands the wreckage of the esoteric gnosis in the centuries following Plato’s day culminating in the difficult of all philosophical religion about the third century of Christianity’s development and ushering in 16 centuries of the dark ages has thrown all religion out of basic relation to true understanding and caused it to breathe an endless train of Evil’s fanaticisms,’ bigotries idiosyncrasies, superstitions wars and persecutions that more than anything else blacken the record of man’s historic struggle toward the light.

If you understand, if you understand that portion of their philosophy then you know why they hate, why they hate Orthodox Jews, Fundamentalist Christians and members of the Nation of Islam. They believe that the most frightful of all historical barbarities, owes this incidence directly to the decay of ancient philosophical knowledge and the loss of vision and virtue that would have attended its perpetuation. So what then must be the importance of all of this information that they say restores to the scriptures of ancient wisdom the lost light of their true original meaning.

The very real, real to them and direct way the salvation of culture and a free spirit in the world is contingent upon this restoration of the ancient intelligence to modernity. Thus you see the springing up of the old pagan religions in the New Age movement and in other organizations and movements throughout the world. You see they believe that for man at this age has had new and mighty powers of nature suddenly placed in his hands but yet he lacks the spiritual poise and sagacity to use them without calamity the message in the movie 2001. And were most strangely the control of the lower physical natural or brute forces by the mind our reason was the one simple situation primarily and fundamentally dealt with in the sage tomes of antiquity, and to affect that control in a perfect balance and harmony and who trained the reasoning intellect in the divine art of it was the aim and end of the arcane philosophy, which I have revealed to you as the mysteries.

Ideology in the Western world has implicitly vacillated back and forth between the cult of the inner spirit and the engrossment in objective materialism while ancient philosophy taught that the true path of evolutionary growth if you believe in such a thing was to be trodden by an effort that united the forces of the Spirit with those of the world. The lower disciplined by the higher the whole gist of the esoteric our hidden or secret doctrine, was the steady and the mystery of the powers engaged in working out the evolutionary advance so that the aspirant our initiate might be able to align his cultural effort in consonance with the requirements of the problem and the end to be achieved.

Without this guiding data in this evolutionary perspective modern man they believe is totally at a loss how to focus his endeavor and is unable to point his direction in line with anything more fixed and basic than his next immediate objective of apparent desirability. In other words and other words they aspire to social engineering. Is neither a knowledge of his origin a chart of his path an inventory of his capacities or a vision of his goal hence he travels the long roads still benighted wanderer without compass. He can but recoil from one mistaken plunge after another, learning sporadic lessons from pain and misfortune the way that most people learn, the way of the sheeple.

The ancient torch that was lighted for his guidance, he has let burn out his new this lamp was the body of ancient philosophy in this critical epoch in the life of the world this philosophy proclaims afresh the message of what they believe to be the lost truth, the lost word, the lost phallus of Osiris the lost light, if you will.

They believe that there were three ancient and long discredited Sciences that have had a surprising renaissance in popular fancy and scientific interest. One that I have struggled to teach you for many years is symbolism the other two are alchemy and astrology. Which are absolutely worthless and useless to any and all of you without a knowledge and a deep abiding knowledge of the first, symbolism.

If you read the alchemical works as if they were literal truths but they are esoteric tomes bearing a hidden message and astrology is the great metaphor of the hidden of the mysteries. And they never used it to foretell the future that was for the profane the uninitiated the ignorant who believe that a great happening in the sky would foretell some great happening on earth.

Astrology has particularly come into a general vogue, but ladies and gentlemen on a basis that still inclines conservative positivism in science and scholarship to regard it as allied closely with popular superstition, and its predictive our fortune-telling aspect it has generally looked at askance, because… that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

It is in fact a hoax, the con job the ages old machinations of what we used to call mediums. Today are more likely to be called psychics are channelers but nevertheless hoaxes they are and come in and con women who happily take your money listen to you talk a little bit and then from that read your present in your future anyone who understands human nature and do those things.

But you see there is another side in which it has pertinence and value that has not been recognized in the modern revival and on which perhaps the mysteries believe is this most legitimate claim to consideration and this is its function as symbolic theology as I’ve been telling you for years. Unquestionably cosmic operation, cosmic significance lie behind the 12 constellations of the zodiac and the 36 or more other stellar configurations.

The planisphere our chart of the heavens was doubtless the first of all Bibles pictorially edited since man could not write and had no printing presses and since over a period of time oral history tended to be changed or forgotten…. They planted their beliefs in the great constellations of the heavens to be passed on forever and ever and ever. Not quite simply and directly but intrinsically, all bibles are amplifications and elaborations of the original volume of ideography first written on the open face of the sky charted in the zodiac and heavenly maps and later transferred to earth and written in scrolls and parchments.

Man was instructed to fashion his new body of spiritual glory after the pattern of things in the heavens the heavenly man, or zodiacal man, and a graph of the structure and history of this celestial personage was sketched by the enlightened sages in the configurated star clusters. The zodica comes from the Greek word is zodion, a small living image signifying that it is a graph of the microcosmic life of man, which is cast in the form of the macrocosmic life of the universe or of God. In the New Age movement it is known as as above so below, you’ve all heard it, man’s own small body is a replica of this body of God made in its image and likeness according to the beliefs of the esotericism of the secret religion. The vast frame of cosmic man was outlined in the scroll of the heavens the solar systems and galaxies being living cell clusters in his immense organism and thus pantheism was born, as they believed that everything was linked… and had an effect upon everything else. Thus squishing an ant has one walked down the road could they believe have some effect upon some far distant future.

A deal of this adumbrate-ish symbology, elucidating theological doctrine ism is set forth in the body of the works of people like Manley P Hall, Alfred Boyd Kuhn, Albert Pike and many others. but there is a group of its data that strike so deeply into the heart of general theology that it is given at the outset for the sake of its overwhelming impressiveness to most if not all initiates of of the Brotherhood.

You see they believe that it proves to be so conclusive and evidence that biblical theology rests more solidly than has ever been believed on zodiacal backgrounds that its presentation must be admittedly a matter of great moment. It traces the unsuspected significance of two of the twelve signs Virgo and Pisces, in the very heart of the New Testament narrative. So let the listener picture before him the ordinary zodiac with the house of Virgo at the western equinox point and that of Pisces directly opposite on the eastern side. The simple fact that they stand six months apart will presently be seen to assume great importance in gospel determination if, if you understand and believe the esoteric message that those of the Brotherhood believe is encoded and written below the literal interpretation of the Bible.

This exposition must begin with a puzzling and hitherto unexplained item of ancient religious myth that the Christs, that’s plural Christs the Sun Gods ,the Messiahs all were depicted as having two mothers. How one asked could there possibly be rational significance in this it has been put aside as just some more of the mythical rubbish and nonsense of early paganism but the profundity of pagan intelligence hiding sublime cosmic true are a hidden story under glyph and symbol have not been dreamed of by most of you.

And I’m telling you you had better not only dream of it but seek it out and study it the depiction should not have created incredulity seeing that the gospel Jesus himself the dramatic figure of the Divine Principle in man announced it categorically in declaring to Nicodemus that, quote: “Ye must be born again.” end quote.

Nicodemus asked if this means that we must enter a second time into our mother’s body and experience a second birth in the natural manner but Jesus replies that we, quote: “must be born of water and the spirit” end quote.

Attention must be directed to the fact that the Latin word spiritus translated spirit and in many passages of the Bible means as well air, or breath. One of the great keys to Bible meeting is the series of the four elements of ancient mythicism, which are earth, water, air, and fire if you’ve read anything ever of the alchemists, you are acquainted with those four elements. The body of the physical or natural man was conceived as being composed of the two lower earth and water while air and fire are representing mind and spirit commingle to make the higher our spiritual man,

was never meant to be taken literally.

Jesus’s statement to Nicodemus then could have been rendered born of water and air, and John the Baptist uses three of the four elements when he states, that he the forerunner of the Christos and therefore a type of the lower natural man indeed baptizes us with water omitting earth, but that there cometh after him one higher than himself who shall baptize us with the Holy Spiritus, air and with fire. Jesus thus affirms that we have two births, necessitating two mothers and John the Baptist adds that we must have two baptisms.

Relating to the hour of the time I’m William Cooper tonight you’re in school ladies and gentlemen as you listen to tonight’s lesson in your and your education of what lies behind the veil of the mysteries Freemasonry the ancient order the rosi-cruciae, the lodges of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta etc. Don’t get what I am giving you as something that you must believe are that I believe for that is not the case whether it is or is not is of no matter whatsoever.

You cannot fight a battle unless you know your enemy and you cannot know your enemy unless you understand your enemies life his morals or lack of morals, his religion or lack of religion, his philosophy, his tactics, what he reads, where he obtains his spiritual sustenance, if he has such a thing and when these people are in power ladies and gentlemen, it makes absolutely no difference what you believe in the great scheme of things when you are dealing with these people you must understand what they believe or if they have the power, what they believe is what will affect you.

It is what they believe that they will bring into law, it is what they believe that they will use to enslave you or to set you free, it depends upon who it is and what they believe and I can guarantee you while this nation may have begun with a majority of its adherents and citizens worshiping the god of the Christian Bible, it is not that way today. The men who hold the power in the halls of government at all levels, city, county, state and federal believe in the philosophy that I am giving you now, and so you had better take heed and pay attention.

And at this point we have to go into a discussion of God and before I can do that, less you misunderstand and take literally what Malleus Maleficarum was telling you the other night on this broadcast, that he was a Christian and that he believes in God, making, our trying to make you believe that it is the God of the Christian Bible.

He is a liar he lies by omission and by twisting and he lies by mingling our commingling terms with you the sheeple takes to mean that he believes what you believe and that is not true. So I will attempt now to acquaint you with the heart and soul of one of the core beliefs, one of the root beliefs of the mysteries.

They believe in two fires the supernal and the infernal, they believe that it is impossible, absolutely impossible to present the one an entire, in severance from the other in the background for the clarification of this aspect of the interpretation, can be readily set up and I will cover all of that information and subsequent broadcasts, but the whole doctrine of hellfire has fallen so infinitely remote from even the outskirts of the true understanding of what they believe that I’ve got to, I’ve got to set it before you so that you can grapple with it in good earnest now.

They believe that the deplorable state of modern exegesis in this segment of theology impels one to a vehement expression of disgust at the harrowing grotesquerie of rendering, which in comparison of ancient esoteric meaning with current superstition, so readily excites. You see that this situation has to be evident… as a general matter and should need but little reinforcement beyond the revelation of yapping chasms of difference between the old and the present readings.

If you read these things you read them literally, yet this theology of a hell of fiery torment has suffered such an unconscionable distortion from its primary bearing and has afflicted the mind of mankind with so outrageous a delusion, that every consideration points to the necessity of a vigorous handling in the interests of sanity and social benefit. You see before Dante wrote his Inferno, nobody ever heard of a devil with a pointed tail and horns and rivering souls burning forever in the fires of hell being poked by pitchforks… and in various manners and ways caused to suffer for all eternity.

The perversion of original teaching regarding the lower fire has cast over the collective mind of the Western world the phallus hypnotic obsession which it has ever suffered. The strangling tentacles of this Theological Devilfish have spread over the whole of Christendom and have compressed the spiritual genius of that segment of mankind into the coldest and most inhumane bigotry known to history.

These are their own words ladies and gentlemen and I’ll tell you where some of it comes from later you see they hate you if you are a Christian if you are an Orthodox Jew if you belong to the Nation of Islam if you are a Muslim, they hate you, especially if you are a Catholic, they hate you.

They believe that for ages the doctrine in this misconceived form has deprived the Christianized world of its reason and opened doors to the entry of every superstition. They believe it is snuffed out the native spark of human brotherhood and brought between man and man the lurid glare of its own devilish mischief. Were the fiercest fires of persecution and fiendish cruelty ever lighted upon earth flared out under the emotion of the fantastic theological teaching that the acts of one’s brother may be impious machination of the devil.

They look at it as too gruesome and ghoulish a chapter of horrors to even linger upon, yet the same philosophical benightedness, out of which this atrocious monster of diabolism and demonism has emerged as never to this day, been dispelled by the light of wisdom. A more sensitive humanity of the present sickened by the ghastly spectacle of past tortures and holocaustc inspired by fiendish zeal, has tried to drop the subject as far as possible out of sight and has imposed a taboo upon its exploitation in religious quarters. This refers directly to the Inquisition of the Catholic Church during what is known as the Dark Ages. And they believe that the darkness has not yet been dissipated and the monster is still capable on provocation of glaring fiercely out of the Mercs.

And ladies and gentlemen I must tell you that that monster is real, it is there, I have seen it and some of you have heard it in the calls made to this broadcast and others those who are so religiously zealot, that they would burn at the stake again anyone who dared to disagree with their own personal bigotry, their Dogma, their religion, their race even. So there are some things about the mysteries that I do agree with and that is one. Further they believe the light that would have enabled the Christian world to describe the beast and his true outlines in character have never been rekindled since it was extinguished about the third century those of you have studied religion know what happens in the third century that’s when they met at the Council of Nicaea condemned all the books that disagreed with the dogma of the Emperor or Pope.

And chose the books that would make up what is now known as the Christian Bible in the Catholic Church. They believe that had that light been available it would ever revealed that the fiery dragon of the pit, and listen to this carefully folks because this is one of the key elements of the beliefs hidden behind the veil of the mysteries it is what Malleus Maleficarum alluded to and he called in on this broadcast that Monday night. When he said that he believed in God and that he was a Christian, this is what he believes this is the truth of it, you see but he was speaking in a metaphor even then.

He believes that had that light been available it would ever reveal that the fiery dragon of the pit was none other than God himself, his face begrimed with smoke, his features distorted by the grimaces of the Beast through whose eyes he looked out upon the strange world and his countenance luridly alight with the smudgy flare of the earthy furnace.

Many of you have read Paradise Lost, while Milton’s lakes of seething fire in Paradise Lost are a travesty of truth, unless as the mysteries believe it is taken purely as the symbology they are. You see they believe, Malleus Maleficarum believes, Albert Pike believes, Manly P Hall believes, Alfred Boyd Kuhn believes, George Bush believes, all of these people believe.

William Jefferson Clinton believes, Newt Gingrich believes, Bob Dole believes. They believe Satan is the god himself on earth. They believe Satan is God on earth. They believe that it’s incontestable, they believe that it is proven by the very name, the descending god with the light bringer, Lucifer the bright and Morning Star which is precisely the character assumed by the Jesus of the biblical revelation, therefore they believe Jesus was Satan himself, God on earth.

They believe the Christian devil, the hated serpent of evil Satan, is Lucifer, the God of light on earth, the bright and Morning Star, Jesus, Prometheus the benefactor of mankind God himself that’s what they believe.

That’s what they believe ladies and gentlemen and I could not go on where they speak of God without revealing to you exactly what it is that these people mean when they say God.

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