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Redemption Through Sin, Part 1 – Occult Mysteries 02


Original research and presentation via Blacklisted Research, transcription by Astromonk.

In today’s video as part of an ongoing series on the Occult Mysteries, I wanted to focus on Redemption Through Sin, a doctrine that is often attributed to a variation of Lurian Kabbalah made Popular by Sabattai Zevi, the false Messiah and Jacob Frank his false resurrection.

If you are new to this type of study I recommend going back and watching the first video I did in this series on Freemasonry which is really a primer an introduction into everything this series will be focusing on. With that being said some of you might be familiar with the term Sabbatean Frankism, this type of mysticism which is shared even today by various Gnostic and Satanic sects really came into popularization by the Sabbateans of various Donmeh Jewish groups situated around the Balkans. This is a story of mysticism Revolution secrecy and blood sacrifice which would eventually spill over into something called The Armenian Genocide and the establishment of Israel. In order to make sense of this practice of redemption through sin it’s important to go to the beginning and what better place to start than the story of Sabbatai Zevi, the false Messiah of 1666, read in Baamidber Rabba c21 and Jalkut 772 of the Babylonian Talmud, he claims: “Every Jew who spills the blood of the Godless is doing the same thing as is making a sacrifice onto God.” – Sabbatai Zevi

talmud, every jew that spills the blood, godless, goyim,

An Ashkenazi Jewish man named Sabbatai Zevi was born in 1626 in Smyrna now a part of modern day Turkey. Growing up in a traditional Jewish family, Sabbatai was made to attend a Yeshiva under the rabbi of Smyrna Joseph Escapa with a particular focus on the Talmud. Sabbatai found himself deeply interested in the Kabbalah from a very young age the mystical and esoteric teachings of rabinical Judaism and the the occult became a pinnacle focus of his life in particular The Zohar. By the age of 22 Sabattai Zevi had developed narcissism and something of a God complex likening himself to the Moshiach which of course is the prophesied Jewish Messiah who would restore Israel to its Heavenly glory.

“In early 1666 the long awaited Jewish Messiah was poised to overthrow the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire cross Sanbatcha River and return astride a lion leading an army composed of the 10 lost tribes of Israel.”

With his Adept knowledge of Lurianic mysticism and The Zohar, he would attribute certain passages found in Kabbalistic texts to himself, for instance his birthday was also Tisha B’av an important Jewish feast day holiday which observed the morning and the destruction of the first Jewish temple and the second Jewish temple.

Editors note: A little more about Tisha B’av and how it is used throughout Jewish history as an excuse to foment genocide and blood letting in the name of avenging the destruction of the first two temples. These temples have never been proven to exist with any archeological certainty, keep that in mind when you begin unravelling the web of lies that is the foundation of so called Jewish (Ashkenazi Jews) history and cosmology. The above is from my first episode with Joseph Atwill entitled: Gnosis 02: Joseph Atwill – The British Freemasonic Creation of Zionism, Theosophy and WW2

In Hebrew Sabbatai means means Saturn and in Jewish tradition the reign of Sabbatai the highest planet was often likened to the Advent of the Messiah.

In Hebrew Sabbatai means means Saturn and in Jewish tradition the reign of Sabbatai the highest planet was often likened to the Advent of the Messiah

He would wed the daughter of Moses the prophet in gather the Exiles. The nations of the world would bow before him and the Third Temple in Jerusalem would be built inaugurating the Messianic age.

Sabbattai Zevi developed a small following of sycophants which devoted their time to the study of the Kabbalah and observation of the teachings of Sabbatai Zevi, which would later become known as Sabbateanism. They were mostly seen as a rebellious group which gave no heed to studies in Halakha or Jewish law. Many academics and historians have noted that Sabbatai Zevi broke many Jewish laws and customs putting himself above them; from eating forbidden foods to working on the Sabbath and making proclamations of himself which offended many people. According to Dr Henry Abramson a Jewish historian. Sabbatai told his followers that he could fly but he refused to demonstrate this publicly.

“I will Ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high” – Sabbatai Zevi

Sabbatai often went out of his way to break Jewish customs and do things which were forbidden to the Jews often engaging in Acts that were considered profane evil and vile. While Sabbatai did gain more followers his influence was not yet realized beyond the scope of cities local to him there was a division among the Jews and many started to grow very suspicious and angry about Sabbatai and his influence. That he was getting a group of Jews led by Sabbatai’s former teacher at the Yeshiva, banished Sabbatai and his disciples from Smyrna in around 1651. Sabbatai and his followers were subject to an Edict of Harem a type of excommunication in Judaism however this did not stop him in fact this is around the time Sabbatean influence started to become widely recognized. Sabbati Zevi would often shout the words of Isaiah 14:14 attributing this verse to be about himself, quote:”I will Ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high”,unquote.

Which is really interesting because if you read the chapter in context these words are not spoken by the Messiah but by Lucifer who was cast down below and cursed by God in in Christian theology. This figure is known as Satan and is the one who gives power unto the Antichrist who will attempt to do the exact same thing Ascend to the heights of God even declare himself to be either God himself or the Messiah.

This is also marked by the building of the Third Temple of which Sabbatai’s birth date is built in memory of the first Fallen. However according to adept cultists many believe Lucifer to be the Messianic figure.

By 1658 Sabatai had surfaced in Constantinople there he met a preacher Abraham Yachini a disciple of the Torah scholar Joseph Trani who confirmed his Messianic mission. Yachini is said to have forged a manuscript in archaic characters which bore testimony to Sabattai’s claim to being the Messiah. It was entitled the great wisdom of Solomon and began, quote: “I Abraham was confined in a cave for 40 years and I wondered greatly that the time of miracles did not arrive. Then Was Heard a Voice proclaiming a son will be born in Hebrew year 5386 the year 1626 to Mordecai Zevi and he will be called the Sabbatai. He will humble the Great Dragon. He the true Messiah will sit upon my Throne.” unquote.

Armed with this document in hand he would travel to various cities which were important to the Jews at that time there was a cycle of Performing Outrageous Acts defiling synagogues breaking customs and ultimately becoming banished again often leaving with more followers. His exact route is contested historically but from 1658 where he was banished from Constantinople historians in Sabbatean literature has him appearing in Alexandria Aleppo and even back in Smyrna temporarily. However Sabbatai and his followers would eventually end up in Cairo in about the year 1660, while he was there he befriended Raphael Joseph Halabi of Aleppo a wealthy and influential Jew who held the high position of mint master and tax farmer in Cairo under the Ottoman government. Raphael Joseph also a proponent of the Kabbalah would ultimately become one of Sabbatai’s greatest supporters, heavily promoting Sabbatai Messianic claims and financing his movement for years to come.

“In many of these early documents were actually written to explain to the early adopters of the Messianic Faith Like You Know The Wealthy Chelaby Raphael Joseph who would actually bankroll the first years of the movement. You got to get that guy on board, the money guy, but just what did these people have their faith in exactly what did it mean for Chaba to be a messiah at all in 1663 Sabbatai had moved to Jerusalem with his followers. Gradually he gathered larger circle of adherents where they would Feast together, sing songs and preach about a practice which would become known as Redemption through sin.

During these years Sabbatai met a teenage Polish orphan woman named Sarah, who reportedly up until this time lived a life of prostitution and desperation. Despite this Sarah claimed that she was destined to be married to the Messiah. Sabbatai claimed that such a consort had been promised to him in a dream because he as the Messiah was bound to fall in love with an uncleaned and unchaste woman.

In 1665 in an attempt to prove himself as the messiah, Sabbatai Zevi visisted the (unintelligible) synagogue, kicked down the doors and loudly started proclaiming the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) an act that is sharply forbidden in Judaism.I

In 1665 in an attempt to prove himself as the messiah, Sabbatai Zevi visisted the (unintelligible) synagogue, kicked down the doors and loudly started proclaiming the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) an act that is sharply forbidden in Judaism.

His deeds were considered to be Gravely heretical as this act was only permitted to be done by the High priest of Israel in the temple of Jerusalem on Yom Kippur but by doing this he was asserting himself above the authority of all Rabbis and declaring himself to be the Messiah. This gained a lot of attention from the Jews in Jerusalem again causing a lot of division, however Sabbatai would use his friendship with Raphael Joseph of Aleppo the banker in getting the funds needed to pay off the Turks, who at the time were heavily taxing Jews in Jerusalem under the Ottoman leadership. This gained him much prestige and favor among the Jews, one Jew in particular who noticed was a man named Nathan Benjamin LevS known since as Nathan of Gaza who became very active in Sabbatai Messianic career, serving as his right-hand man and declaring himself to be the Risen Elijah who would proclaim the arrival of the Messiah.

Many historians likened him to the John the Apostle of Jesus of Nazareth. In 1665 Nathan announced that the Messianic age would begin in 1666 with the conquest of the world without bloodshed. The Messiah would lead the 10 lost tribes back to the Holy Land riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in its jaws. Nathan of Gaza would be the leading influencer in spreading the Sabbatean movement with much of today’s literature on Sabbateism being based on his writings it would also be up to his Prophet Nathan of Gaza to actually build out a fully developed cabalistic Theory to justify not just Sabbatai Zevi’s V Messianic claims but also his abberant behavior, his apparent apostasy and well his death. Nathan of Gaza according to his own writings seemed to truly believe that Sabbatai Zevi was the proclaimed Messiah after having a revelation of Sabbatai sitting on a throne of Glory in heaven. Nathan of Gaza would very actively write about this in letters he addressed to various synagogues all over the world and because of this Sabbatai fame began to extend internationally. Italy Germany and the Netherlands were already centers of his Messianic movement. Sabbatai followers soon included many prominent rabbis, many of which would later write texts declaring Sabatai Zevi to be the promised Messiah and the year of Salvation to be 1666.

When faced with criticisms about Sabbatai’s erratic behavior and violation of Jewish law, Nathan would find a way to put a positive spin on it according to Nathan of Gaza. In a book titled the 17 prophets book one by m goldish quote there were necessary mystical exercises by which the Messiah would redeem the world unquote Redemption through sin now again in Smyrna Sabbatai at the beginning of 1666 left for Constantinople supposedly with the Ambitions of overthrowing the Sultan. Since Nathan of Gaza prophesied that once in Constantinople Sabbat would place the Sultan’s crown on his own head the grand Vizier Fazil Ahmed Pasha ordered his immediate arrest and had him imprisoned perhaps to avoid any doubts as to the power still wielded by the Turkish Sultanate. However his imprisonment discouraged neither Sabbatai nor his followers in fact he was treated very well in prison perhaps because of bribes which seem to have strengthened his followers belief in him. Meanwhile Nathan of Gaza, Abraham Yachini and others circulated fabulous reports about The Miraculous Deeds the Messiah was supposedly performing in the Turkish capital and the Messianic expectations in the Jewish diasporas continued to rise. It is said by many Jewish Scholars at the time about half of the world of international Jewry had become Believers in Sabbatai Messiahship it was a sentiment shared very liberally by many Jewish historians the Sabbatean movement boasted a following of about 1 million Jews at this time Sabbatai Zevi’s face even appeared in prayer books next to King David.

Jews began to unroof their houses and prepare for a new Exodus in almost every synagogue Sabbatai initials were posted and prayers of him were inserted in the following form quote: “Bless our Lord and King the holy and righteous Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of the God of Jacob.”

Jews began to unroof their houses and prepare for a new Exodus in almost every synagogue Sabbatai initials were posted and prayers of him were inserted in the following form quote: “Bless our Lord and King the holy and righteous Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of the God of Jacob.”

unquote. Jewish excitement covered with Sabbatai’s constant ambitions to overthrow the Sultan became very widespread to the point where Sultan Mohammed V the leader of the Ottoman Empire was forced to make an example out of Sabbatai. Sabbatai was removed from Abios and taken to Andrea noal where the Vizier gave him a choice death or conversion according to Robert Sepher in his book 1666 Redemption Through Sin quote the most commonly accepted version of this story is the Sultan offered Sabbatai Zevi the choice of either publicly converting to Islam or being beheaded, as the Sultan so delicately put it your head or the turban. The turban was of course a symbol of converting to Islam unquote on the following day September 16th 1666 Sabbatai appeared before the Sultan cast off his Jewish garb and put on a Turkish turban on his head thereby accomplishing his conversion to Islam.

The Sultan rewarded Sabbatai by conferring on him the title mahmed endi and appointed him the generous title of Keeper of the gate you know like a gatekeeper, and was given a very generous salary. Sarah and approximately 300 families among his followers also converted to Islam there after these new Muslims were known as the Donmeh Jews. Sabbatai’s conversion devastated his followers and Muslims and Christians alike ridiculed them in spite of his apostasy some of his followers had left but many of his adherents still clung to their belief in him claiming that this conversion was part of his Messianic scheme according to Robert Sepher in 1666 – Redemption Through Sin page 11, we read the following quote:”The most famous of these Sabbatean Cults as they were sometimes called was primarily located in Anatolia modern Turkey. Detractors called them the Donmeh which translates to religious converts a derogatory term which they never used themselves.

Nathan’s optimistic interpretation of Sabbatai’s change of Faith did not sit well with most Jews but it did find a degree of acceptance in places like Spain and Portugal among the Conversos converts and Marranos two names for Western European Jews who were forced to convert into Christianity during the Inquisition.” unquote. The forced conversion was liken to the birth Pains of the Messiah. In March 1668 Sabbatai announced that he had been filled with the Holy Spirit at Passover and had received a revelation. Either Sabbatai or one of his followers published a mystical work claiming that he was the true Messiah in in spite of his conversion and that his goal was to bring thousands of Muslims to Judaism many of his followers the Donmeh Jews maintained an outward appearance of Islamic while secretly practiced the Kabbalah in observed toric texts according to Rabbi Yakov Lee the current director of Don May West a California Neo Sabbatean organization founded in 1972.

Quote: “It is commonly held conjecture that Sabbatai Zevi’s conversion to Islam was an act of cowardice that betrayed the Jewish people however this conversion was not an act of cowardice but in fact one of the mystical Masim Zim strange actions that he and Nathan of Gaza believed the Messiah was destined to perform based on their reading of the Kabbalah.” unquote the Turkish ottoman started to become sick of shabati antics by 1673 ending his gatekeeper salary and had him and many of his followers exiled to a small town near Thessalonica. Sabbatai wrote to the Jewish community in Barat Albania, requesting religious books shortly afterwards he died in isolation. His biographer, Gerschoem Salim mentions that his tomb was visited by Donmeh Pilgrims from Thessalonica until the early 20th century. Quote “by 168 the Donmeh had congregated in Thessalonica the Cosmopolitan and majority Jewish City in Ottoman Greece for the next 250 years they would lead an independent communal life into marrying doing business together maintaining their own shrines and handing down their secret traditions.” unquote.

The foundation of the Saban movement had cabala as its basis it was the central theme which underpinned the entire Messianic movement of shabat zevi but it also popularized an element of the cabala and messianism which is still alive and present in various Gnostic and oul practices today the idea of redemption through sin in order to understand this a little more deeply one must familiarize themselves with the work of 16th century Jewish calist Isaac Lauria who was a key figure in marrying mysticism with messianism together he helped form an era which brought these schools of thought into the mainstream Jewish World. Sabbatai biographer Gersam shalm argued that the lanic cabala became the dominant theology across the Jewish World at the time of shabat zevi the lanic idea which was adopted by Sabbatai Zevi Nathan of Gaza and other Sabbatean philosophers was that Humanity or perhaps more likely the Jewish people you know the chosen ones in general played a crucial role in the restoration of a pristine world this concept is called Tikkun Olam, a concept of healing the world which is coupled with a justification of Zionism.

Dr Andrew M Henry a scholar of religious studies gives us a simplified breakdown explaining this into more detail. “At the beginning of the universe there were divine Sparks called Nitzotot that were contained in Cosmic vessels, but these vessels cracked sending the Sparks down into the world of chaos various schools of kaballah differ slightly in what caused this shattering but generally it has something to do with the original sin of Adam and Eve in order to bring about the utopian Messianic future, all the Sparks must be gathered up and raised back to the higher World from where they came and the Messiah played a large role in that process this was the theological rationale offered by some Sabbateans to explain Sabbatai’s conversion to Islam. That that some of the Divine Sparks that needed to be recovered to achieve the Messianic age were stuck outside the confines of Judaism.

The verse from Isaiah 53 – but he was wounded because of our transgressions came to be reinterpreted to mean the Messiah must be made profane, Unholy non-jewish in order to complete his mission the rapid spread of the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria and his Lurian Kabbalah resulted in a grafting of the then current theories of the Kabbalist into the traditional Jewish view of the role and personality of the Messiah. This new philosophic paradigm in the estimation of many scholars provided a spiritual justification for proactive Zionism and the events that directly brought about the modern formation of Israel according to Robert Sepher in his book 1666 we read the following, quote:
“the Redemptive process no longer simply worked out Israel’s temporal emancipation from the Yoke of the Gentiles but rather it involved a fundamental transformation of the entirety of creation affecting material and the spiritual worlds alike and would lead to in the words of Gershom Scholem, “a rectification of the primordial catastrophe of the breaking of the vessels chevat hakm in the course of which the Divine worlds would be returned to their original Perfection this process is called Tikkum Olam repairing the world and it involves all of one’s actions.” unquote.

redemption through sin, dr. stephen e jones, kabbalah, captive sparks,

According to Dr Steven E. Jones who wrote an article on Redemption through sin, we read the following, quote: “Thus sin became a religious holy right and appealed to the carnal mind of Men for it offered them the freedom to carry out the basest urges of all Fallen men, it thus became indistinguishable from Satanism its primary means of Evangelism was to infiltrate and corrupt other religions in order to redeem the lights trapped in darkness of those other religions.” unquote. Nathan of Gaza who was well Adept into Lurianic mysticism declared Zevi to be the reincarnation of the six Sephirot the Redemptive Tiferet the sephirot that harmonizes Geburah and Hesod in other words it was declared that Zevi the Messiah was tasked with descending into the Realms of evil to single-handedly free the captive Sparks to complete the work of redemption these evil Realms known as the kelipot were so well fortified that the Jews were not able to reclaim these Divine Sparks that revealed the Ain Sof through their good works it could only be done by taking that which is divine and descending it into the lowest parts of darkness, profanity and evil by descending into chaos and corruption reclaiming these Sparks one could rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

If you have made it this far into the video we will continue this research in part two of Redemption Through Sin which will be the third installment in this series where we will talk about Jacob Frank The Armenian Genocide and the establishment of Israel be sure to like this video comment your thoughts below subscribe if you haven’t and share this around on social media all of that really helps thanks for watching

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