Jesus a fictional allegory – Acharya S & Joe Atwill Conversation

Is Jesus a fictional allegory created by the most powerful families in the 1st Century as a device for political control?

Could the title of “Christ” actually apply to a Roman Caesar?

In this informal discussion, Acharya S / D.M. Murdock and Joseph Atwill offer their perspectives on Atwill’s provocative “Caesar’s Messiah” Thesis, which concludes that Jesus is not a historical figure, that the Gospels are literature not history, and that the ministry of the fictional character Jesus is modeled on the military campaign of Roman Caesar Titus Flavius as he battled against the Jewish revolt in Judea.

The two scholars discuss why this “savior god” myth needed to be anchored in history in contrast to earlier similar myths that were not. The purpose was to create the ultimate Super State with the authority to represent God on Earth.

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