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An illustration of the ice-filled crater discovered in Greenland. Photograph: Nasa/Cryospheric Sciences Lab/Natural History Museum of Denmark

Impact crater 19 miles wide found beneath Greenland glacier – The Guardian

Via: TheGuardian.com Crater appears to be result of mile-wide iron meteorite just 12,000 years ago A huge impact crater has been discovered under a half-mile-thick Greenland ice sheet. The enormous bowl-shaped dent appears to be the result of a mile-wide iron meteorite slamming into the island at a speed of 12 miles per second as recently as 12,000 years ago. […]

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Twin Sisters - Scabland Residual of Great Missoula Floods

“Decoding the Ice Age Floods – Wallula Gap” Graham Hancock interviews Randall Carlson (Video)

Via Graham Hancock and GeoCosmicRex As regular visitors to this page will know I had the privilege of making a lengthy research trip across the northern states of the US in September/October with leading catastrophist investigator Randall Carlson. The video linked here is the first of a series from our research trip that we will be releasing. I made the […]

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