Gnosis 12: Joe Atwill Returns – Freemasonry, Q, & Trump on Trial

Joseph Atwill, best selling author of Caesar’s Messiah and Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah returns to the Gnosis Podcast to share more information implicating British Freemasonry as the force behind Zionism, WW1, WW2 and the creation of the messianic Hitler character.
Later on in the show we talk about current geopolitical news, Trump’s declaration to use his full subpoena power in his defense with his upcoming trial; the most effective way for average Americans to become involved in preserving our democratic republic, and the reason the 9/11 false flag attacks were carried out on that particular date as it relates the Jewish ritual date of remembarance of various negative events they’ve suffered in their fabled history: including the destruction of their temples, as well as being excommunicated from various countries throughout their history.

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