Gnosis 13: NY Patriot of the Occult Rejects – Leaving the O.T.O

Joining us for the latest installment of The Gnosis Podcast is Nick, aka NY Patriot who is the co-founder of the Occult Rejects Podcast.

Nick discusses his personal experience joining the O.T.O and why he left the order. How he started The Occult Rejects and more.

“The O.T.O stands for Ordo Templi Orientis—the Order of Oriental Templars, or Order of the Temple of the East. The in sympathy with the traditional ideals of Freemasonry, and was the first of the Old Æon orders to accept The Book of the Law.”

For those following my previous posts exposing all of these appendant Freemasonic bodies such as the Golden Dawn or O.T.O, as left hand path/satanic orders, you will recognize the connection to Aleister Crowley and his infamous “Book of the Law” which has become the bible for the modern satanic church and its many offshoots.

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