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The first asteroid mining and resource transaction could take place in space within the next decade

Via News.com.au Nick Whigham @NWWHIGHAM     IT SOUNDS like a plot to take over the solar system and has authorities worried, but asteroid mining is about to change our pursuit for resources. GLOBAL space experts, astronauts, entrepreneurs, technologists and researchers gathered in Sydney this week to discuss the big business of space mining. As the global economy moves into […]

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Sacred Geometry Classes:  References and Sources

Sacred Geometry Classes: References and Sources

Used in compiling material for Randall Carlsons’ Sacred Geometry Courses

The material from which I have drawn for my Sacred Geometry programs over the years is vast and varied. The following list of books represents most of the works consulted or utilized and in itself provides a fairly comprehensive reading list for those wishing to immerse themselves deeply into the subject of Sacred Geometry.

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