August 18, 2021 at 11:17 pm

8 Ways To Outsmart The Controlling Narcissist – Beware “Spiritual” Narcissists.


Via: Surviving Narcissism

“Narcissists deeply need to feel superior over you, and they take delight when you jump into the game of One-upmanship. Psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter describes 8 common ways the narcissist attempts to control you, then he explains how you can outsmart them in each episode by responding in ways they do not anticipate.”

Unveiling the narcissists in your midst and encountering their manipulative wrath is no cake walk; you are liable to have smear-campaigns raised against you and enabling simps gang stalking you online if you aren’t careful.
You can avoid all of this nonsense if you know what to look for; here is a little mind, body and spiritual self-defense lesson from the Astromonk. Next time you have narc drama, just recognize their sad and pathetic need to attempt to control you is in direct proportion to the insecurity they are overcompensating for.

If you want more information on understanding and avoiding these cluster b personality types, please also see the work of Dr. Ramani online.

And for those who can laugh at these people, a little mockumentary showing the vain “spirituality” and mass mind control foisted on unsuspecting Americans, that the C_A manufactured with the “higher consciousness” and “free-love” hippie movement of the 60s. This of course has lead to innumerable, “spiritual narcissists”, clouding up the collective consciousness with their tireless crusade for admiration and supply.




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