December 10, 2017 at 4:16 pm

Ancient Egyptians DID NOT build THIS…The Osirion & Lost Ancient Technology (Video)


Via BrightInsight

The Osirion in Abydos, Egypt is without a doubt evidence of a lost, PRE-history human civilization that possessed some type of lost ancient high technology. The people that lived in Egypt just a few thousand years ago that we commonly refer to as the “ancient Egyptians” (or the Dynastic Egyptians) could not have constructed this site, and there is actually zero evidence to suggest that they could have. (Note that Osirion is also spelled “Osireon” and “Osireion”)

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  1. A small group of 4 researchers: Dee MacQueen, Annie/Bob Newton and myself think that the bumps in ancient Peru/Egypt structure are a language, a code (maybe binary) of sorts, perhaps horizontal quipus or Quechua/older language that designate Ayllu, Suyu location, ownership or data structure built.. We have gone to Harvard quipu experts and are awaiting a reply.

  2. so what are your theories o how they cut them and moved them? the sound wave theory for moving them makes sense to me but still pondering their methods for cutting the stone