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Atlantis, Richat Structure & Stonehenge Template Revealed – RN Vooght


Via RN Vooght

Updated video with even more repeating digit arc second distances between sacred structures here:

“Mind-blowing astronomical measurements may pinpoint Stonehenge as an ancient template of the lost city of Atlantis via the Richat Structure aka the Eye of the Sahara!!!” – RN Vooght

What geodetic and geometric information connects ancient Atlantis, the Eye of the Sahara aka the Richat Structure and Stonehenge?! Inquiring minds want to Gknow, so step on up
and prepare yourself for another one of those weirdo insights into the suppressed but dawning revelation that life on planet Earth has featured unbelievably technically advanced civilizations and that they’ve used ingenious
methods to document for posterity their otherworldly achievements; including measuring the Earth with accuracy rivaling modern satellite surveys.

About the author:
After an untimely accident in the South American jungle during the launch of European Ariane 5 spacecraft, RN Vooght continued to reach for the stars by turning his misfortune into a positive, by way of his debut title. Devolution Cycle explored the sometimes blurred lines between both the historical record and mythological lore. Purposefully penned as a work of fiction, RN Vooght introduces his reader to the somewhat supressed origins of the human narrative. After more than twenty years of extensive world travel researching ancient civilisations and their respective cosmologies, combined with a self-imposed study of the metaphysical, The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis was born. A far cry from fiction, RN Vooght is hopeful The Spirit in the Sky ‘Ancient Cosmological Gods & Where In The World We Find Them’ may one day prove catalyst in uniting outer space with inner space, science with religion, and more importantly, humankind with each other. RN Vooght is currently anticipating the birth of his first child, Bodhi. See you soon, son.

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