March 3, 2012 at 6:29 pm




Drawing upon ancient sources, primarily the writings of Plato, this presentation updates the theories of Atlantis with reference to modern discoveries in Geology, Oceanography, Astronomy, Geophysics, etc. providing a scientific basis consistent with traditions of old- perhaps the most credible presentation of Atlantis material available anywhere.  This program is a prerequisite for participation in the quest for Atlantis, voyage to Macaronesia.

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  1. The Columbian Exchange proves Atlantis is a myth.

  2. Where is the Atlantis program? Is it an online program for purchase or only an in-person program? I would like to purchase it if it’s online.

    • Greetings Boethius,

      I will ask Randall when he is ready to reveal this information to the world and if you join our email list, you will be updated as soon as it is available. Thank you for your interest, please see his talks with Grimerica and Joe Rogan (#606 especially) to learn more about his available talks on the subject.

      Best wishes,

      Camron (Astromonk)

  3. Hey Randall, Camron and all at SGI. I love what you lot are doing. Really looking forward to the podcast, I hope that’s still in the making?

    I also wanted to ask about this Atlantis program, i’m interested in it too. Any developments? I have subscribed to the email list, and also purchased the Cosmic Patterns and cycles of catastrophe download.

    Thanks again Randall and co, keep up the excellent work!

    • Greetings Dan!

      Yes, Gnosis will be
      launching asap! We just did a beta test live stream and recently did a
      12 hour telethon with Den of Lore as practice for our live set up.
      Thank you very much for your support! Hope you enjoyed Cosmic patterns and hope to hear from you once we take Gnosis live!

      Best wishes,

      Camron (Astromonk)

      • Excellent Camron! Looking forward to it.

        I’ve not had enough time to take in Cosmic Patterns yet. Soon though hopefully.

        I’m till interested to hear anything about this Atlantis Presentation. It sounds very interesting and was exactly what I was searching for – Randall’s knowledgable, reasonable and measured perspective on the Atlantean stories.

        • I will ask Randall when he is ready to unveil this aspect of his work. I imagine he will touch on it in a future book and hopefully on a future webinar. Please subscribe to our email list to stay abreast of the latest development.

          Thank you for your interest and support, it is appreciated.


  4. please can a administrator can contact me? please email me if possible right away. thank you very much!