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“The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Lying Freemasons Mocking You Again. 2/3rds of the crew being masons equals 0.666666% for those with an eye for symbolism like these FAKE heroes.

Bart Sibrel

Decide for yourself if you can trust freemasonic NASA after seeing all of the evidence compiled here by Bart Sibrel and others.


A few pointed questions for anyone who has not woken up yet to this obvious hoax:

1) Today, with 54 years better computer and rocket technology, NASA can only send astronauts One-Thousandth the distance to the moon than they did on the first attempt, with 1960’s technology, ahead of schedule, when all of NASA’s computers combined only had ONE-MILLIONTH the computer power of a cell phone.

So, people could drive cars on the moon and play golf on the moon, more than 50 years ago with ONE-MILLIONTH the computing power of a cellphone, yet with five decades of more advancements in computers and rockets, NASA can now only send MANNEQUINS to Orbit the moon?…

Notice in the Above Article, that NASA sent MANNEQUINS instead of PEOPLE in order to protect astronauts from DEADLY SPACE RADIATION that is high above the earth. NASA claims that they did the very same thing, on the first attempt, ahead of schedule, in 1969 without a radiation problem. Why then is radiation a problem now but not then? Has the 14 Billion year old universe changed that much in 50 Years? They have Buzz Aldrin doing fine at Age 93, so if he went to the moon in 1969, and is alive at 93, then I guess the radiation did not effect him at AT ALL, so why would it affect anyone Now?

2) Deadly Space Radiation prevents humans from traveling to the moon TO THIS DAY, otherwise Humans would have been onboard NASA’s “Artemis/Orion” spacecraft instead of MANNEQUINS. So, they can do something with 1960’s technology that they cannot do with technology that is 54 Years More Advanced and is run by the World’s Most Advanced A.I?

3) A Whistleblower at NASA gave Bart Sibrel classified “Behind-the-Scenes Footage” from Apollo 11, which warns at the beginning of it “NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION”. This footage, Dated Two Days Into the Flight of Apollo 11 by NASA Itself, clearly shows the astronauts Still in Earth Orbit, which is only about 250 miles above the Earth, wherein the crew of Apollo 11 falsely claims that they are “130,000 Miles Out”, or halfway to the moon, when they are Really in Earth Orbit.

The crew is also seen, in this one-of-a-kind “Behind-the-Scenes Unedited Footage”, using a One Foot Model of the Earth to create the False Impression that they are halfway to the moon, When They Actually Never Left Earth Orbit, and they still cannot leave Earth Orbit 54 Years Later. Youtube cannot take it down, or it would only prove that Mr. Sibrel is correct, so they try to deflect searches for it instead.

Moon Landing Fraud – Smoking Gun – MM4

4) An Eyewitness Saw the CIA Film “The First Moon Walk” June 1-3 of 1968 in Clovis New Mexico at Cannon Air Force Base’s “Special Operations” Head Quarters.

The Former Chief of Security at Cannon Air Force Base, Cyrus Eugene Akers, as he was on his Deathbed dying of cancer, and fearing the Judgment of God, confessed that he was a MURDERER. When the Military Police showed up right before his death to investigate the matter, they asked him who he killed and why.

Mr. Akers said that he had murdered a security coworker at Cannon Air Force Base in 1968. When they asked him why he did it, Mr. Akers said that it was because they both were sworn to secrecy, under Penalty of Death, for something they had both eye-witnessed there June 1-3 1968, something that his coworker thought was morally wrong and that the public had a right to know about. The Filming of the First “Moon Walk”, which was to be edited and shown to the Entire World the following year, as if it were “Live”. Aker’s coworker said that he knew someone who was a reporter and then his coworker vowed to expose this crime to the American People. Mr. Akers said that he enforced the agreed upon Death Penalty by executing him.

Mr. Akers said that he stood beside President Johnson, who gave him (as the Security Chief) a list of 15 “V.I.P.’s” who were allowed special access to observe this arrogant government deception. Buzz Aldrin is on that list, who apparently only observed, while a double was used for the filming, after all, their faces in the spacesuit were conveniently covered with a two-way mirrored visor. Mr. Akers kept that list of the 15 well-known people who were there at the time (yet only observed) as a private souvenir until the day he died. Bart Sibrel received that list and recently published it in his New Book: “Moon Man – The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List.”
Mr. Aker’s Son, before he died, gave his Testimony about this in the video below.

• Moon Landing Fraud – Deathbed Confession.

5) One Photograph Proves the Moon Landing Fraud

• Moon Fraud in 3 Minutes – MM1

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Murderers and Traitors all of them witches and masons.


“The Apollo 11 Moon landing was an awe-inspiring moment in the history of the human race for some and an endless debate of conspiracy theories and cover-ups for others. One of those theories states that the Moon landing—and indeed the entire mission—revolved around the desires and wishes of Masonic lodges. Given how many such lodges have their roots in ancient Egyptian secret societies—and how many high-level NASA officials have such Masonic connections—it is claimed by some that the end goal of the Apollo 11 mission was to perform an ancient ritual in an attempt to “open communication” with a deity from the “beginning of time.”As with most good conspiracy theories, closer examination reveals a mixture of tentative truth, outright speculation, and seemingly bizarre coincidences.”

10 Masonic Ritual Connections To The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

American Moon – Did We Really Go? Inquiring Minds Want to (G)know.


Baphomet, Knights Templar, and the Aeon Sophia: Interview with Tracy Twyman – Aeon Byte

Gnosis, 9/11 Truth and Cycles of Catastrophe

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