April 19, 2012 at 2:10 am

Christopher Knight & Alan Butler – Civilization One, The Moon & The Megalithic Yard


Video censored by the commissars of YouTube and the ADL. Though this video has NOTHING to do with any so-called “anti-semitism” (an excuse to perform nazi like censorship apparently) it is scrubbed by the deep state and In-Q-Tel (CIA) funded YT of course sanctions this 1984 like
scrubbing down the memory hole. I will reach out to Henrik and see if he has a copy I could access to re upload as it is truly a phenomenal interview and book.

In the interim, Henrik has produced a great resource list for understanding they mysteries of our Moon which you can take in here: https://redice.tv/news/the-moon-an-unexplained-phenomenon
Please support your independent journalists and activists in this world, all will be lost if we allow any technocratic gestapo to destroy our quest for truth with sanctimonious sanctions and other dressed up devices for techno-tyrants.

Hours 1 and 2 of Henrik Palmgren’s interview with Christopher Knight & Alan Butler. Chris became a writer almost by accident. In 1976 he became a Freemason because he was curious to know what the organization was really about. He decided to conduct his own private research and for the next 20 years he slowly reconstructed the origins of the craft. Four books later, he is known for his investigations into ritual and belief systems. Alan Butler is an engineer as well as a professional writer. He set out on a two decade search that led to the decoding of some of the most important details regarding prehistoric knowledge and achievement in Europe. Alan Butler is a recognized expert in ancient cosmology. Chris and Alan have also co-authored four books including, Civilization One and Who Built the Moon? In this first hour, we’ll talk with both Chris and Alan about Civilization One. They say there must have been a highly advanced precursor to what is currently the earliest recognized civilization. They’ll talk about the mystery of the ancient “megalithic yard”-an incredibly precise unit of measurement that’s based on a deep understanding of the solar system. Chris and Alan will also talk about our universe as being designed to make humans, patterns and messages in our solar system, human DNA and time travelers. Later, we discuss megalithic builders and stone circle technology. In the second hour, Christopher Knight begins talking about messages from our solar system to unlock our DNA. The solar system is trying to get our attention in order to help us. Then, we talk about the Moon, its attributes, effects on human life and how it breaks all the rules. Chris tells us why he thinks we haven’t been back to the Moon. Chris became a Freemason in 1976. Today he believes there is a Masonic agenda, yet another group is pulling the strings. We talk about the founding of America as the Masonic experiment and Washington, DC as Zion and the Pentagon as the Stonehenge of USA, designed according to ancient megalithic measurements. Maryland and Virginia flank DC as goddess worship is an important part of Freemasonry. Chris will also discuss the Masonic belief about The New Jerusalem and Yahweh coming back to rule the Earth. Later, we get into an interesting conversation about the Scottish Rite, Norwegian Freemasons and the Jewish priesthood.

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