March 25, 2020 at 2:26 am

The Comet That Changed Humanity


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Comets fly through space all around our beautiful blue marble, but there is new evidence that suggests that an impact from one such comet changed the course of human history.

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*Editor’s note: There has in fact been found two craters associated with the Younger Dryas Impact Event! Please see George Howard’s voluminous work on the Younger Dryas Impact Event here:

First Younger Dryas Impact Crater Found: GreenlandIn the morning this old world wont be the same

More Interesting facts about The Comet That Changed Humanity

– Like your neighborhood? Thank a millennia-old comet that obliterated the planet.
– A tablet from 10,950 BC, the Vulture Stone, features symbols believed to depict death and destruction.
– Discovered at the Göbekli Tepe temple in Turkey, it is thought to be a record of a catastrophic comet swarm.
– Researchers today estimate that Göbekli Tepe pre-dates Stonehenge by 6,000 years.
– When these comet fragments struck Earth 13,000 years ago, they changed the planet forever.
– The impact caused a 1000-year-long ice age. The woolly mammoth was wiped out. Mankind survived.
– This period is known as the Younger Dryas. Humans stopped being nomadic. Cities were formed.
– With fewer dangers around, agriculture could be developed. Livestock was bred.
– This is not a new theory: 20 years ago author Graham Hancock wrote a book proposing this is what happened.
– Critics dismissed the claims made in Fingerprints of the Gods. Some branded Hancock a ‘Pyramidiot’.
– Skeptics still doubt the comet theory because no impact crater has been found to support it.
– Globally, over 200 eerily similar ancient myths describing fires and floods from the time period exist.
– Core samples from North America & Greenland show high levels of platinum-a find in favor of the comet.
– If you do support Hancock’s findings, be aware: he’s predicting another comet strike in 20 years…

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