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December 2017 AOM: The Spirit In The Sky: Ancient Cosmological Gods And Where In The World We Find Them –



It is with pleasure that we welcome our last AoM of 2017, RN Vooght, and his ode to the stars, The Spirit in the Sky.

Vooght draws on the work of Rick Strassman and the Magical Egypt collective, to reintroduce us to omnipresent Osiris; dweller of the stars, messenger of the past… the perfect embodiment of all things acacia.

The so-called ‘global awakening’ that is happening is becoming increasingly apparent, but no one really knows quite what it means or what it may entail. I believe that the answer may be quite literally written in the stars – should we know where, or indeed how – to look!

Compiled upon the broad shoulders of giants and their significant contribution to the missing chapters of the human story, The Spirit in the Sky: Ancient Cosmological Gods and Where in the World We Find Them is written for the people. “Just make sure that everyone understands it. Don’t write it for those in the upper echelons of intellectual strata – write it for us,” was the advice of a friend of mine before I began documenting the complex material that constitutes the book. I hope to have written The Spirit to arm everyday people with enough insight to question almost everything we think we know to be true.

Central to the book is the world’s illicit, god-inducing psychedelic, N, N dimethyltryptamine or DMT, as it is most commonly known. This naturally occurring chemical compound, described by Dr Rick Strassman as “the intense 15-minute drive-by version equivalent of the traditional 8-hour journey partaken by ayahuasca initiates,” may hold a key to the riddle that is human conscious awareness.i We will return to Strassman’s research shortly.

I like to think of The Spirit’s final draft as the ‘drive-by version’ also. It’s a pretty fast ride, but the reader is firmly in control!

I believe that this bite-sized book has the potential to quite literally change the world. A bold statement, yes. Impossible? No.

©Sergio Valle Duarte. CC BY 3.0

The Broad Shoulders of Giants

The title of the book is an ode to the great body of work compiled by alternative Egyptologist John Anthony West. West’s book, The Serpent in the Sky, is also in many ways a continuation of the highly under-valued yet significant research of French Egyptologist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, who discovered the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt, to be a life-sized walkthrough of the biomechanics of the human anatomy. The monumental structure that is the Temple of Karnak was subsequently and aptly dubbed by de Lubicz, The Temple in Man.ii The Spirit in the Sky draws on the insight of de Lubicz and West, by seeking to unite outer space with inner space, science with religion, and more importantly, humankind.

©Hossam Mohammed, Pylon of Ramses III, Temple of Karnak. CC BY-SA 4.0
©de Lubicz, ‘Karnak, Temple in Man’.

Another observation made by de Lubicz that struck a chord with West is one that more people are aware of today – that the Great Sphinx and its enclosure were exposed to extreme water erosion that can only be caused by sustained periods of heavy rainfall – a point that professor of natural sciences at Boston University, Dr Robert Schoch, confirmed upon inspection after West’s invitation to the Giza Plateau in 1990. In Redating the Great Sphinx of Giza, Schoch argues that the Giza Plateau hasn’t seen prolonged periods of precipitation capable of causing such erosion fissures for thousands of years.iii These discoveries marked a seismic shift and split in the historiographical record on prehistory, as it became increasingly evident to those of an open-minded and more alternative mind-set that something came before. The Spirit in the Sky asserts that not only did something come before, but something has also always been; omnipresent Osiris, the complete embodiment of all things acacia.

Tryptamine is present in the stem bark of Acacia farnesiana (Planta Medica: 21.200-209).

The building of the Great Sphinx is still accredited by mainstream academics like Hawass et al to Pharaoh Khufu at c. 2500 BC, an unfounded guesstimate which ties in rather comfortably with the rest of the staunchly defended Egypt-illogical point of view. Schoch’s evidence-based body of data suggests that the Great Sphinx and its enclosure guard a secret in the human story that pre-dates the Pre-Diluvium, hunter-gatherer society advanced by the mainstream. The emergence of monumental, deliberately buried, approximately 11,000 year-old Göbekli Tepe in modern day Turkey has given further credence to the alternative hypothesis on Pre-Diluvian history. West’s research, most of which is outlined in Chance Gardner’s Magical Egypt series, led me to the work of Graham Hancock, and my prehistoric worldview forever changed.

While Fingerprints of the Gods and The Serpent in the Sky suggest there is something missing in the human story, Supernatural and Strassman’s The Spirit Molecule introduce the reader to a whole new world of the ancient and modern uses of psychedelics; a world that resides inside each and every one of us, providing us with limitless insight and possibilities, should we know how – as the ancients did – to tap into it.

The Spirit in the Sky seeks to tie Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural, Serpent in the Sky and The Spirit Molecule together in a way that our ancestors hoped we one day would; in a manner that re-introduces present-day humans with the inspiring ideas and belief systems of our ancient foremothers, whose stories have been hitherto lost to time and memory.

©NASA, interstellar dust clouds in the constellation Orion.

Are We Third Eye Blind?

In the spirit of trust in our ancient Egyptian foremothers, The Spirit in the Sky sees that the god of resurrection, Osiris, was either rescued from inside a great tamarisk tree, or the ancient Egyptians knew far more about the essential chemical compound that permeates the natural world than current history books contend.iv Indeed, the psychedelic compound produced by the brain is also considered a prerequisite for the human experience!v

Every religion asserts – in one way or another – that the gods reside inside us. Indeed, building on the work of Brad Klausen, The Spirit asserts that the posterior view of the human brain and stem cell is represented by ancient and new world iconography and sacred art, via depictions of gods of resurrection.

The head of the crucified Christ can, for example, be seen to correlate with the pineal gland, or mystical Third Eye, often described as ‘Christ Consciousness’:vi


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