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DMT – Investigation of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule


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Author of the Month Dick Khan

We warmly welcome Dick Khan, author of DMT & My Occult Mind, as our featured author for November. Dick Khan has conducted extensive research into the mind-manifesting mysteries found in the mystical DMT experience. Through his investigation, Dick Khan attempts to understand what lies beyond the veil and considers the possibility that this powerful substance may open the door to a parallel occult kingdom. His books offer an account of his experimental exploration, discovery and learnings.

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The world is comprehensively mapped and measured, leaving little opportunity for the spirited explorer to chart new frontiers – unless of course, one is able to plumb the watery depths as an oceanographic submariner, or leave the planet as an astronaut in pursuance of sublunar space exploration. Alas! Such adventurous paths are few and far between. Nature, however, is full of secrets and surprises. One particularly eye-opening surprise is that nature has hidden within herself the means by which we can investigate her hidden side. The chemical substance Dimethyltryptaminei (DMT) is a particularly magical molecule in that regard, for its molecular structure is similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin, and is therefore able to be consumed by the brain as a particularly remarkable drug, better known as the Spirit Molecule. Ubiquitous throughout the plant and animal kingdom, this potent psychedelic substance can be exacted from the roots of certain trees in a form that enables the user to introduce the molecules into the brain in a variety of ways – including inhalation, when the waxy extract is transformed into a vaporous state. With a sufficient dose, the experience manifests rapidly and powerfully upon one’s perception as an ontologically shocking imposition of unimaginable otherworldliness. It is without doubt, a life-changing experience. But why? How? What’s at play?

Hidden Nature is Occult Nature

The world’s myths, legends, folklores and religions speak of mysterious otherworldly beings. In the modern age, we have the UFO enigma and the so-called alien abduction phenomenon. Science theorises about parallel worlds and parallel universes; certain sub-genres of fiction and science fiction exercise such otherworldly suppositions for our entertainment and pleasure. But in actual fact, is anything otherworldly really concealed from our sight? Are presently unrecognised lifeforms or strange conscious agencies invisibly occupying hidden kingdoms – other realms of nature that have hitherto eluded modern man? According to esoteric lore and occult doctrine, that is most certainly the case. Occult remains a somewhat taboo word. In its lite guise, occult merely means hidden, secret, concealed, obscured, difficult to see, shut off from view. But of course, its wider meaning takes us into mystical, magical and metaphysical realms and philosophies, with concepts that are not only at odds with physicalism-cum-materialism and traditional scientific inquiry, but are also regarded as implausible, occasionally nefarious and potentially dangerous. If only there was a reliable method by which an inquiring mind could investigate those hidden realities, in order to determine the truth of the matter to one’s own satisfaction.

Heeding DMT’s Call

I was operating on something quite like that mindset when I first experimented with DMT. However, months before the pipe first reached my lips, my introduction to DMT came about quite by chance. Staying up late one Saturday evening, under the influence of a then legally purchasable research chemical, I chanced upon the eye-opening documentary, DMT: The Spirit Moleculeii, showcasing Dr Rick Strassman’s game-changing government-sanctioned research into the effects of the drug on his cohort of research volunteers. My attention was arrested from the beginning and remained that way until the very end. But midway through, when the research volunteers began describing their incredible experiences under the influence of DMT, I became thrilled with goosebumps. I simply knew that I absolutely must experience the Spirit Molecule. The promise of direct experience with a spiritual realm strongly beckoned. It was almost as though the DMT experience I had yet to experience was calling to me, enticingly. And I was all ears!

Ontological Shock

As a consequence of that calling, I spent several months doing my homework by reading numerous online reports from those who had ventured before me. I then obtained the necessary raw material to procure the powerful substance and diligently followed the extraction procedure, whilst being mindful possession of said substance was not in accordance with the law of the land. After successfully retesting my psychedelic navigation skills with a good dose of fresh psilocybin magic truffles delivered from the Netherlands – on the basis many years had elapsed since I had experienced strong psychedelics – I was good to go. And yet, despite all that careful preparation, and despite holding preconceived opinions about occult realities, the sheer power and ineffable magical beauty of the DMT experience was more than sufficient to throw all that out of the window, as I succumbed to the inevitable ontological shock. The thrust of most DMT reports is that the user exits his or her physical body and enters another world, another realm, another universe – in what is commonly referred to as a breakthrough experience. And indeed, my breakthrough experiences really did make it appear that I was miraculously accessing another reality, occupied by strange humanlike entities, showing off impossible objects, all within a very highly active environment that somehow appeared far more real than ordinary everyday terrestrial reality. It was like nothing that I could have imagined. Most unexpectedly, and far more often than not, my sense of self and rational cognisance was completely maintained. But the level of astonishment at what I witnessed went completely off the scale.

Non-Physical Entities

The more and more I experimented with DMT, the more and more I wanted to understand the causal nature of the experience after inhaling the potent vapour. This translated into a very determined mindset, which ultimately resulted in me making the decision to embark upon my very own research programme – not only documenting and analysing my experiences, but consciously adopting a very keenly perceptive and investigatory frame of mind, each and every time I decided to introduce the powerful mind manifesting molecules into my brain. Despite having to overcome terrifically heightened levels of anxiety, concomitant with commitment to this bizarre drug, I pursued several hundred experiments over a three-year period in both an indoor and outdoor setting. I began with a completely open mind – absolutely unclear as to how, after inhaling the potent vapour, I would suddenly find myself within an overwhelmingly bizarre otherworldly environment. The ensuing research was absolutely remarkable because, not only did the experiences change slowly but significantly over time, but gradually, the truth of the matter – to my mind at least – slowly began to reveal itself. I was being engaged on a one-to-one basis with powerful non-physical lifeformsiii presently outside the ken and the cataloguing of life as we know it.

Bizarre in The Extreme

But from the outset, that simply was not evident. Instead, it genuinely did appear that after inhaling a sufficient volume of the potent vapour, I would suddenly somehow find myself in an unfamiliar otherworldly setting; oftentimes occupied with humanlike entities who all seemed genuinely interested in me, and were able to provide an experience that was astonishingly playful and entertaining in the extreme. I was induced into outbursts of gleeful childlike laughter; became an experiencer of extreme ecstasy; was astonished by circus acts presenting impossible performances; observed bizarre reality bending optical effects; and experienced convincing illusions of mobility. And all the while, the one thing that was slowly but surely becoming increasingly evident, was that these experiences were being powerfully imposed upon my perception by powerful non-physical entities exhibiting remarkable capacities. Aside from completely engulfing me in an immersive world of very highly defined morphing visual splendour – wherein seemingly autonomous anthropomorphic characters fussed over my presence – the non-physical entities creating those wonderfully visual immersive experiences began to impose themselves upon me invasively, and even quasi-physically, as well as regularly exhibiting capacity to methodically elicit a sequence of fast-paced emotions from me, in a manner suggesting my psyche was being expertly puppeteered by something that understand the terrain and the mechanics of human consciousness.

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Dick Khan DMT Machine Elf – Image credit: Warren Lewis

Invasive Encounters

My first invasive encounter came after a series of visually impressive immersive experiences, wherein smiling humanlike entities eyeballed me whilst moving around me in a most peculiar manner. Those experiences were extremely entertaining. But after three consecutive such encounters, I foolishly considered that perhaps DMT had little else to offer. My next experience was markedly different. From the outset, the very same playful humanlike entities were present and fussing over me, but there was something else. The energy from the non-physical entity imposing that mesmerising hallucinatory scenery was far more intense, and as the palpable and audible frequency of its constitutional power rose ever higher and higher, it reached an almost unbearable pitch, in conjunction with which one of the humanlike entities suddenly dived into the midst of my chest. The experience immediately changed. It was all too evident a portion of the non-physical entity was now invested throughout my larynx, where it was palpably active in a quasi-physical capacity. The evident yet unexpected intrusion caused me to cry out loud in surprise and disbelief, whereupon my voice sounded so bizarrely modulated that I felt compelled to vocalise again and again, simply in order to marvel at the unusual acoustic qualities characterising my voice. The conclusion of that experience resulted in an outburst of tears resulting from the shock of the incursion. Nevertheless, I was willing to place my trust in those beings imposing the bizarre experiences, which became progressively strange and occasionally, exceedingly challenging.


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