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SGI_Institute_Banner_676_400“Those who love wisdom must investigate many things. – Heraclitus ca 500 BC

“Research must follow in the footsteps of Nature.” Micahel Maier in Atalanta Fugeins — 1618Welcome to Sacred Geometry International where we unveil the ancient mysteries, exploring the interface between archaic wisdom and modern science and the infinite possibilities emerging through their synthesis.

We invite you to participate in this journey as we map the forgotten landscapes of the human experience and present information which rewrites the history of the human species all together. It is our aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.
It is the mission of Sacred Geometry International and The Cosmographic Research Institute to investigate and document the catastrophic history of the world and the evidence for advanced knowledge in earlier cultures; through educational programs to advance a deeper understanding of the implications of this knowledge for both past and the future of planet Earth and Human civilization upon it; and to promote strategies for successfully coping with the inevitable change that is to come.We are independent media, totally supported by you. Since 2008 we have produced over 100+ hours of FREE educational media materials for hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the world. If you would like to help us continue to produce independent media without commercial advertising , please visit our store.Your purchases and subscriptions help us to continue providing this paradigm shifting knowledge to the world. You may also donate by clicking the button below

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All proceeds go to the further dissemination of this vital and sacred knowledge throughout the world.IN KIND DONATIONS. Quality goods or services are also greatly appreciated. Contact us at (770) 361-5967 or via email if you would like to make an in kind gift of goods or services. We are always looking for computer equipment for video editing, cameras, sound interfaces, frequent flyer miles etc.

Sacred Geometry International serves as a social network for students, fans, and researchers alike, allowing all to stay connected to each other and this emerging research. Students are welcome to participate in our up coming tele-courses and to host workshops with Randall Carlson and SGI in their respective communities. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact us

Exploring the Untold Story of Prehistoric North AmericaRandall Carlson and The Cosmographic Research Institute have organized and executed over eighteen research expeditions in order to verify their theories regarding the geological evidence for catastrophic Earth changes.Randall has also traveled throughout Europe studying many historic megalithic and Gothic structures in addition to his extensive examinations of North American Earth structures.

For more information on expedition opportunities, please contact us

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