March 8, 2012 at 5:12 am

Earth Changes – Unsealing The Apocaplypse


Earth Changes – Unsealing The Apocaplypse

Mythology, Science and Prophecy come together in the most comprehensive and credible presentation of authentic Earth Change Knowledge available anywhere, bar none.  Due to the broad and inclusive nature of the material, this program is a multi-part presentation intended for serious students of planetary change.  It contains much original material available nowhere else.  This program lays the foundation for a meaningful and realistic assessment regarding future planetary and environmental change.  Randall’s Earth Change programs usually involve field trips to actual sites relevant to an understanding of catastrophic events in Earth history.  Highly recommended for geologists, environmentalists, ecologists, astronomers, anyone engaged in disaster planning, and anyone who simply desires to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the way the world actually works.

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