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Randall Carlson on Sacred Geometry and ‘Triplicities’

(from Decatur class September 15, 2006)


…and there is concealed a geometric code.  That’s an example of how it works. It’s there in multiple layers, and once you realize it’s there, you realize that the whole scriptures were basically framed around this geometrical system. The allegories were devised to provide an outer, concealing covering for the inner mathematical core of the sacred writings.  What it’s doing… Essentially, Sacred Geometry is the geometry of the universe.  It’s the geometry of creation itself.  And this was one of the secrets that these ancient master builders understood.  So what they were attempting to do, when they built the holy temples and the sacred edifices, was to mimic, as they understood it, that geometry that was an intrinsic part of the harmony of creation.


Now how did they get that geometry?  Well, it was through a process of revelation – whatever that means.  Now, we can interpret that two different ways.  In some of the myths as we read it – the original geometric keys to creation were imparted by the “Gods”. Right?  And that’s a valid way of looking at it.  Another way is that the adept, through a process of deep meditation and inner exploration, discovers that this is actually the geometry of consciousness itself.  And to say, either way, whether it’s an inner revelation, from within through meditation, or an exterior revelation imparted from the “Gods” – It’s true either way.


…Throughout all creation, the idea is that there are these patterns and links, and once you know how to insert yourself into the system, you can essentially move at will through it.  So, geometrically there’s a way to get from a square root two pattern to a square root three pattern. And from a square root three to a square root five pattern. So you’ve gone from a square root three – the patterns of crystalline structure, to the square root of five which is the patterns of biological structure. And you can do so by this geometric pathway.

…Let’s look at… Remember what Lucretius said?  Right here…“So far as it goes, a small thing may give analogy of great things, and show the tracks of knowledge.”   Now see, the tracks of knowledge, this is the idea that you’re following these tracks, these footprints that are leading you from one state to another state. From one location to the next location in the exploration of the sacred landscape…


…Well, this is just inherent in these triplicate numbers.  Now, when you go in, to the bible, and other ancient writings, and what you’ll discover are there are key words and phrases that give you this whole numerical pattern.  The one of course, that everybody knows about is 666 – the beast.  Which in the Greek is Thereon…


(from class…still, mathematically, how do…they’re multiples of  thirty-seven? )

Yes, every one: three times thirty-seven gives you one-one-one, six times thirty-seven gives you 222, eighteen times thirty-seven gives you 6-66.  “The number of  ‘the beast’.”  It says…remember:


“And here is wisdom.  Let him who hath understanding, count the number of the beast,

for it is the number of a man.  Six hundred three-score and six.”


So it’s saying…well, here’s a mathematical clue. “Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding…” If you really want to understand what this is, you’ve got to count this number.  And it’s not enough to count the number, you have to see what the number connects to.  And if you don’t do that…if you…like most modern Christians tend to be very superstitious about that number.  It doesn’t say it’s the number of the devil, it says it’s the number of a beast, but the number of a man…

…And three-three-three:  There’s actually a Greek word that translates as ‘sensuality’.  The Greek word that gives us 3-3-3, was ultimately the word that meant and implied the realm of the senses – what

we see through our five senses.  And that term translates, generally in most modern idioms, as sensuality. …If you take the Greek letters…add them up, you’ll get 3-3-3.  So each one of these – I can show you that there are words that correlate with each of these numbers.


But see, these numbers are also found in nature. When you begin to explore astronomical relationships, between the sun and the planets, and between the planets and their moons – these numbers start showing up in some rather strange places. Even in orbital velocities.  For example, the orbital velocity of the Earth around the sun is 18.5 miles-per-second.  How many miles-per-hour is that?  In your calculator, put 18.5, times 60, times 60…  Yes, 18.5 times 60 is 1110[miles-per-minute], and again times 60 is 66,600mph!  So right there, that number shows up in the relationship between the sun and the Earth – in

terms of the orbital velocity of the Earth.  See, here these numbers can serve as mnemonics, so from now on you’ll always be able to remember the orbital velocity of the Earth.  The number of the beast and add two zeroes, you’ve got it in miles-per-hour.  Here’s what’s interesting – in a lot of the textbooks, even though the velocity has been refined to 18.5mps, in a lot of the textbooks they simply say the orbital velocity of the Earth is 66,000 miles-per-hour. They don’t want to put that third six in there!


…Oh, but that’s only the beginning – it gets really, really interesting…


When Bly Bond, the ecclesiastical architect in the early part of the twentieth century was excavating the ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral, he discovered that the whole cathedral had been laid out on a grid of squares that were seventy-four feet on a side.  Seventy-four feet – the whole complex was laid out on a grid that was nine of those squares long.  So it was seventy-four feet on a side, and the whole cathedral was laid out on a grid that was nine squares long… Right? So, [in your calculator] what’d you get? …The whole cathedral was 666 feet.  Now, the square itself like I said, was seventy-four feet, that meant each square was how many inches?  So now you go seventy-four times twelve – try it… The seventy-four foot grid that you get, each square is how many inches?  8-8-8!  A-ha!  So you see how both those numbers are now incorporated into the plan?  Now when he came up with that 6-6-6, he got in trouble.  They didn’t want to hear any of that!  They didn’t want to hear any of that – I guess it was the Church of England that retained him.  He was an architect and they had hired him to excavate and measure the ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral.  And no, they didn’t want to hear that it was laid out on a grid that was 666 feet long.


(from class: Why is it such a ‘bad’ thing?)  …Well, it’s a bad thing only because it relates to pre-Christian traditions.  “Pagan”, yeah, it smacks of paganism!  …Well sure, it’s in Revelations, that’s what I just quoted verbatim, from the King James [Bible], just a few minutes ago.


…When I’ve done advanced classes, like up in Asheville, after we’d gone through the geometry basics, then we got very heavily into this.  In order to try to peel back the covers and show that underneath these allegories and parables of scripture, there is this mathematical inner meaning, or this geometric meaning.  And that geometry is essentially the fundamental geometry of creation.  It is the “Sacred Geometry”.  It’s there – you can’t see it, but it’s under there, and if you just lift back, peel back the cover which is the stories that are there at the literary layer.  Under that literary layer is this hidden level of meaning, which is the mathematical layer.


(from class: “ and that in itself is ‘Gematria’?) Gematria, yes.  There are actually several different versions of it.  There’s Kabala, which is the ‘revealed doctrine’.  And a big component…there’s a Hebrew kabala, a Greek kabala, there’s an Arabic kabala.  Essentially, what it is – kabala is seeking to understand the primordial patterns of creation. In the Gematria, that’s a specific branch, where what they’re doing is relating number and language, and showing that…just like…When you think of the temple…What differentiates a sacred building from a secular building?  The fact that there is this underlying geometry.  What differentiates between sacred writings and just secular writings, is that under the sacred writings there is this hidden layer of geometry.  And the hidden layer of geometry under the scriptural writings, and I’m not just talking about the Christian scriptures here, I’m talking about the Mithraic writings that were in Latin, I’m talking about writings that were in the Vedas. You find this system of Sacred Geometry.  And it’s the same system of geometry that’s underlying the temples.  Temples whether they’re in Southeast Asia, Central America, or Egypt, or England.  Underneath the outer forms is the same geometry.  And it’s essentially the geometry of creation.  It’s the geometry of harmony.  My suspicion is that this will be an important rediscovery for healing what creates so much dis-harmony in our world today.


…If you go back and read Plato, and some of the early writers who essentially advocated this kind of a system.  Their idea was that as long as we maintained this harmonic relationship between man, Earth and Heavens – All things are in balance, and that would be reflected in the human society.  And if human society became disjointed, disconnected, was no longer…(class interruptions)


…Well, you have to think of it this way: there are fundamental forces that are symbolized… For example, look at many of the handouts that I’ve given you – you’ll see the sun and you’ll see the moon.  That, on one level means the literal sun and the literal moon, on another level it’s talking about two different kinds of primordial energies which are interacting to create all things.  A solar energy and a lunar energy.  What you’ll discover, when you go through and you start penetrating into the geometry within the sacred writings, is that the number 6-6-6 constantly comes up in reference to the sun.  There are other numbers such as one thousand and eighty that constantly come up in reference to the moon.  Then, when you combine the solar current and the lunar current, the 666 with the 1080, and you add them together what you get is 1746.  Well what is that?  It doesn’t mean anything until you’ve studied into the system, and then you know, that there’s a clue… Jesus talks about the grain of mustard seed.  Right?  Have you ever heard about the grain of mustard seed?  What’s the allegory about the grain of mustard seed? …Right!  “If I had the power that was contained within this grain of mustard seed, I could say to the mountain, ‘Move’, and it shall move!”  You see, there’s an allegory there, but behind that allegory is a very profound scientific reality.  The solar current and the lunar current fused together gives you the 1746 which is the power inherent in the grain of mustard seed.  These are just examples of how this system works.  The key to penetrating this system is the whole process of Sacred Geometry.


You see, it’s not just these drawings, these drawings are essentially patterns of cosmic energy, and you’re learning how to create these patterns of cosmic energy.  We can find once you’ve learned…We can go…for example, take what we did today and apply it to the solar system, and discover that that pattern is embedded within the geometry of our whole solar system.  It’s also imbedded within our molecular geometry.  And it’s not just coincidence that we find the same geometries on these different levels.


Let me point something else out to you, and this’ll be the final thing for today.  When we talk about atomic structure, every element has its basic form and its isotopic form.  When you look at its basic form, what you’re saying is that this element has a certain number of protons, and a certain number of neutrons, and a certain number of electrons.  It’s the numbers of each of those that determines totally what the properties are of that particular element.  How it relates and combines with other elements and so on.  Well, if you look at this… Let’s think about a few things:  What is the fundamental element of all living things on Earth?  Carbon. And what is the atomic structure of carbon?  How many protons in an atom of carbon? Six!  How many neutrons? Six!  How many electrons? Six!  Talk about let’s say, nitrogen… Again one of the fundamental elements…Seven protons, seven neutrons, seven electrons.  How about an atom of oxygen?  Eight protons, eight neutrons, and eight electrons.  Now…There’s profound mysteries concealed here, and it’s getting beyond where I get to at this stage, until we’ve gone a little further…But I get really excited about this stuff, and sometimes I let the cat out of the bag prematurely.  Now here’s something to ponder:  The number of the beast…What’s its connection with carbon – the fact that carbon is in all living things?  (class interruptions)…And it’s also a solar number – it has multiple meanings as you’ll come to find out.  Well this is just a starting point.  It gives you some of the ideas of how this system can work… I guess that’s all for tonight!





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