February 26, 2022 at 5:06 pm

Gnosis 01: Adrian Charles Smith – A Prison For The Mind


Adrian Charles Smith joins Gnosis for our inaugural episode to discuss the nature of law, of reality and of the archons throughout human history. The sovereignty of our species hangs in the balance as the forces of the great reset are being exposed by those of the great awakening.

Adrian’s book provides the insight required to understand the nature of fundamentalism as it bends ostensibly well meaning tribes, religious orders and corporate governances into despotic and tyrannical regimes capable of mass genocide.

“What does it mean to be a fundamentalist? What are its common characteristics and defining features? Can we escape the prison of ideological commitment, the straightjacket of conformity and groupthink?

Adrian Charles Smith entered adulthood as a minister in a fundamentalist Christian sect, a loyal follower of a man he now calls the Wizard. But as with the Wizard of Oz, all was revealed to be a sham and his questioning of authority led to excommunication and life in the secular world. Yet, once away from the church, he observed fundamentalism in unexpected places – in the corporate world, in science and economics, in political ideologies, New Age movements and in postmodern philosophy. Different contexts, yes, but the same underlying phenomenon, the same adherence to ‘one truth’.

In these adventurous essays, Smith, with equal amounts erudition, humour and insight, examines why we are drawn to these fundamentalist approaches. His search ranges from the caves of Nag Hammadi to the hallways of Ivy League universities, from communist Romania to Sedona Arizona. He discovers his potential for unconscious relapse to one all-knowing ‘Wizard’ but eventually realizes that fundamentalists live in isolated camps, the truly free have genuine community, and unity in the midst of disagreement is possible.

This is a book about fundamentalism in all its pervasive, insidious manifestations.

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