April 29, 2023 at 12:13 pm

Gnosis 09: Michael Parker’s Antidote to Deepstate Deception


https://youtu.be/1_0p7VNTgzQ BANNED BY YEWTUBE.

Greetings and welcome back to episode 09 of Gnosis.
Our honored guest is no stranger to the hardcore indie media junkies out there. Formerly the host of the Electric Pyramid, Antidote , and Deprogram on the TNT radio network; Michael Parker is a media host, producer, citizen journalist, and musician.

He has hosted or produced over 1000 episodes of stand-alone content including his popular internet television program Antidote that ran for 62 episodes of news, history, & pop culture
Since the early 2000s, he has worked primarily in electronic media as a host and producer. He has appeared as himself on the Travel Channel, in documentaries, and frequently as a guest on terrestrial and internet radio.

Michael has interviewed journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf, best selling nonfiction authors Graham Hancock and Jim Marrs, Fight Club screenplay writer Jim Uhls, tech guru John McAfee, Highwire’s Del Bigtree, Alice Cooper, John Waite, Star Trek’s Eugene Roddenberry, and Cal Tech Planet Nine Co Discoverer Constantine Badakeegan. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Radio/Television/Film, Michael began his career as a musician in the indie-rock heyday of the 1980s. He co-owned a punk rock club in Fort Worth, Texas that hosted up and coming bands like Nirvana

Michael’s primary mission is now contributing to a better world and a deeper, richer, and more authentic existence for all of us.
He lives in Los Angeles with his Melbourne, Australian born wife and two teenage daughters.
He also has too many pets and guitars.

You can follow him on Youtube, and Twitter.

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