May 18, 2023 at 1:16 am

Gnosis 10: Robert Frederick – The Hidden Life Is Best – Francis Bacon and the NWO.


Joining us for Episode 10 is Robert Frederick whose amazing podcast series “The Hidden Life is Best – Francis Bacon and the Gnostic English Empire” is the topic of today’s conversation.

Questions raised include: – Is Francis Bacon Christian Rosenkreuz? Did he create the Freemasonic secret society and mastermind the Shakespeare project? Has the sun ever set on the British empire? What is Gnosis and what are the connections to modern scientism and globalism?

Check out his website – and help him re-right history, exposing those occult snobs who think we are their slaves. You have the power to overcome the adversary and its minions by supporting independent media based in the pursuit of truth.

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Godspeed and party on truth seekers, hope you enjoy this presentation.


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