September 21, 2019 at 1:41 am

Gobekli Tepe Zodiac Hypothesis: Is it an Ancient Star Map? | Ancient Architects


Via Ancient Architects:

As many of you will have seen over the past couple of weeks, I have recently covered the work of Martin Sweatman and his interpretation on Gobekli Tepe, that the Vulture Stone or Pillar 43 is in fact a star map documenting the time on 10,950 BC.

It is a great hypothesis and I gave it the air time it deserves but not everybody is convinced by his work, which leads me to a paper by the archaeologists who are currently working on Gobekli Tepe, in answer to Sweatman’s hypothesis.

In the video I offer their points of view and why they think Sweatman’s hypothesis may not be true, but I also offer Sweatman’s response to their points.

It’s an interesting discussion and with so much of the site still yet to excavate, the definitive answers we are searching for may still be waiting for us underground.

You can read both the paper from the archaeologists, as well as the response from Martin Sweatman at…

All images are taken from Google Images, from Martin Sweatman’s videos on the channel ‘Prehistory Decoded’ and from the above mentioned paper, for educational purposes only.

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