November 26, 2013 at 7:17 pm

Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan Discuss Randall Carlson’s Paradigm Changing Research

Rethink history.

Excerpts from the Joe Rogan Experience with Graham Hancock.  JRE Podcast #417

GH: And I can’t help feeling that this thing happened so suddenly and in such an extraordinary way, that maybe this is the missing link, that we are looking at the fingerprints of a lost civilization, the survivors of a lost civilization who settled there with all these skills already in place and introduced them into the local culture.  Because this period twelve thousand years ago plus, is the period when the earth went through gigantic cataclysmic events because the earth was struck by a comet.

JR: Yeah, Thats’ the other piece of the puzzle, the nuclear glass that they found, how do you say it, trinitite and that they have found this stuff all over Europe

GH: All over the World.

JR:  All over the World. All across Asia.  At that precise moment, 12,000 years ago.

GH: And a layer of platinum in the Greenland ice cores all of this says that Earth was hit by a comet at that time.

JR: Is that the Holocene?

GH: Well, that’s the beginning, it’s the beginning of our period, the Holocene is our period, it’s the period we still live in now, in archaeological terms it’s the juncture between the upper paleolithic and the neolithic.  That’s what we are talking about here and you have this episode that geologists call the Younger Dryas, which is an episode of a sudden deep freeze strikes the Earth, the earth has been emerging from the ice age until 12,980 years ago and amazingly you can date it that precisely, give or take 5 years this happened 12,980 years ago, and then suddenly the Earth flips into this thousand year deep freeze.  That nobodies ever been able to explain before, that they called the Younger Dryas and we now we can say for sure that the Younger Dryas was caused by huge amounts of dust being projected into the upper atmosphere of the Earth by this comet impact.  And that that dust enshrouded the whole earth and set into motion what we would call a nuclear winter today, where the Sun’s rays could no longer reach the earth and the earth went back into deep freeze and to me this is the smoking gun that lost us a whole civilization.

And I was just, yesterday I’ve come here from North Carolina and I sat down with Randall Carlson.  Who has…

JR: Yes, I met him

Yes, that is exactly what he is talking about. He’s one of these guys who is just so far ahead of his time that nobody saw it, nobody realized what he was onto.  Now everybody understands that the Earth was hit by a comet.

GH: You met Randall.

JR: Yeah

GH: He is a very, very, fascinating man, he’s been working away quietly on this subject for years and years and years, long before the evidence was in for a comet, he was predicting that this is what caused it , that there was  a comet impact, he’s got this very very fascinating theory and he is going to take me next year on a field trip into the pacific northwest and into Canada. To look at areas where there were these massive outflows of floods from the ice cap and what Randall is suggesting is that at least some  large fragments of the comet that hit the earth 12,900 years ago actually hit the ice cap, they landed on the ice cap that was still then a mile deep and they pulverized it, they turned it into water immediately, and that is why you have these giant outburst floods which carried down huge boulders and strewed them down all across the landscape.  It’s a very exciting theory and it’s great to see Randall’s work vindicated because he’s been ignored far to long. I’m looking forward to doing a fascinating field trip with him next year.

The evidence all over the world is clear, that this happened, but Randall was onto this years before anybody else, and what he is also doing is just taking it that bit further, because we have these mysterious floods that occurred in precisely that period that have been traditionally called outburst floods.

JR: Yeah I met him in Georgia many years ago at the punchline comedy club had a long and really interesting conversation with him about the Holocene comet.

GH: Yes, that is exactly what he is talking about. He’s one of these guys who is just so far ahead of his time that nobody saw it, nobody realized what he was onto.  Now everybody understands that the Earth was hit by a comet.  There’s been a big scientific argument about this over the last five or six years but it is really settled now.  The evidence all over the world is clear, that this happened, but Randall was onto this years before anybody else, and what he is also doing is just taking it that bit further, because we have these mysterious floods that occurred in precisely that period that have been traditionally called outburst floods.  The idea was that ice caps gradually melting down filled up these huge glacial lakes, and that eventually the ice dam enclosing the glacial lake would break.  But now it looks like we are looking at ice dams 1000 feet high in order to account for the massive flow of water.  And what Randall is suggesting is that that theory is actually wrong, it wasn’t the outburst floods from glacial lakes, it was the comet hitting the ice cap that turned all that ice into water and produced a gigantic outflows, carrying down boulders, you know the size of houses and dumping them over the landscapes.

JR:  Woowww.

GH: And then you have to consider anything that laid in the way of those floods, anything that lay in the path of floods on that scale is gone, gone completely, wiped out from human memory.

And then you have to consider anything that laid in the way of those floods, anything that lay in the path of floods on that scale is gone, gone completely, wiped out from human memory.

JR: And you also have to consider the fact that we absolutely know that these events have taken place on a much greater scale over the course of the earth. There’s been mass extinction events, this is not preposterous. This is logical.

GH: It’s not preposterous!  It is completely logical, and it’s time that historians and archaeologists abandoned the model, that everything things just proceeds smoothly and gently in the way that we’ve seen it doing in the last hundred years which is called uniformitarianism and embrace the thought that cataclysmic events are a key part of the history of the earth.  We should know this already, there’s massive amount of evidence for it, it’s not something we even need to argue about but history proceeds on the basis that there is no such thing as a cataclysm, in fact it cataclysms that have written the story of human history.

JR:  Not only that, but when you stop and look at all the ancient stories, the epic of Gilgamesh, the bible, the flood of the ark and…

GH: Exactly

JR: There are so many stories that involve cataclysmic events.

GH: They are all about floods and cataclysms.

JR: The idea that those are just fiction is kinda silly.

GH: It’s totally, totally crazy, and they all say that this is, that there was a golden age, that there was a former civilization that mankind had attained to a very high level, and then we angered the gods, it’s often put that way, we angered the gods, we fell out of harmony with the universe, something went wrong there was some type of moral decline.

JR: Like now!

GH: Like now! Like now, this is what I often say, if I were to look at our civilization in mythical terms, there is never been a civilization that looked more like the next lost civilization than ours.  I don’t want to spread gloom and doom,  I don’t believe in spreading gloom and doom I think we should think positive, I said this earlier and I do maintain this, I’m very optimistic about the future of the human race, but let’s not pretend it’s all roses in the garden.  Terrible things are happening in the world today, we have unbelievable arrogance, unbelievable pride, cruelty, an economic model that makes countless millions incredibly poor and allows tiny tiny numbers to be incredibly, obscenely rich.  The whole system is skewed in the interest of that tiny tiny fraction, of one percent of the wealthy.  And unfortunately it’s bad as it’s possible to get in America.  It’s bad in many other countries too but it is really bad in America, the skewing of wealth and the brainwashing of the population to keep people quiet to stop people thinking, the mind control that operates in our society.  It’s like a pressure cooker, somethings got to give and our is a culture that is literally destroying the earth.   The amazon jungle, this amazing sacred realm, this incredible home of biodiversity, this beautiful beautiful place, the destruction that is taking place now only a society that is truly insane could allow that to happen and that is unfortunately our society today so we need to wake up.

If I were to look at our civilization in mythical terms, there is never been a civilization that looked more like the next lost civilization than ours.

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  1. Kudo’s to Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan for highlighting Randall Carlson’s insight and

    wisdom, and giving him the credit which is long overdue. Cheers for that!

  2. great for Randall – i can say I knew him when….

  3. There is something that always baffles me. JUST as the earlier civilizations attributed the downfall of previous civilizations to “the evil of those earlier folks” — here y’all are doing it again. WHY do people have to mix the solid science of “a comet came by and destroyed things” (i.e., the “Nature-al” world) with “but the people deserved it because they were venal” (blame the victims)? Do y’all think there is some supernatural being outside the galaxy playing marbles with comets? “I’m gonna shoot this marble at the ant hill that is the Earth so I can watch the ants run screaming and die?”

    I am delighting in Randall’s (and Graham’s) science and geology and measurement theories and monumental history; and then always comes the “but the people were bad and needed to be punished.” I do NOT find a sound connection! I find only the tales of primitive people (no matter how modern-day they are) in “those people brought destruction on themselves.” (How does a degenerate civilization “bring” a comet into an Earth-intersecting orbit? Are comets actually enforcers of some version of universal “law”?)

    Maybe that is discussed in the courses: I have not seen it addressed in any of the interviews I’ve seen and listened to nor in the material I’ve read. It’s seems to be a premise that is taken without considering whether it’s a vain hope (“If only I’m good enough, ‘daddy’ won’t send a comet my way?!); an emotional bargain with the Universe (like the women who (consciously or un-) assign “the cause” of some other woman having been raped to what she wore or where she went: because, then, as long as THEY don’t do those things, they’ll be safe?); or merely a slap at (the old/destroyed or our current/modern) civilization because, no question, the modern-day is deeply degenerate!

    But I have to question the “civilization was/is degenerate, and therefore a comet shows up.” I just can’t go there!

    • Hi Elenor,

      We don’t insist anyone “go there” of course. The faithful representation of our ancestors stated beliefs does not equate exact consonance with their paradigms or perspectives. However, on a micro scale, if one’s behavior tends to produce dis-ease and negative repercussions that are associated with death rather than life, would a macro scale repetition of this behavior not be likely to incur similar exponential repercussions?

      – Astromonk

      • Hello Star Brother {wink},
        Been thinking about your answer. On a micro scale, individual behavior may (and may not) have an effect on disease and negative repercussions within the sphere encompassed BY the micro scale. That is: I (may or may not) have (some/partial) ‘sway’ (for want of a more precise word) over my body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual); the ‘scale’ within my purview. However, my ‘sway’ does not have more than a passing acquaintance with “causality” — unless you would suggest that (all or most of) those who get sick brought it on themselves. Surely some do (may?); others don’t at all in any way, shape, or form; still others ‘work’ to bring negative repercussions into their lives but those never arrives (life-long smokers, people working with bad chemicals, who nonetheless never get sick).

        On a macro scale: that still does not equate to — or have consonance with — “if a people becomes … ‘ungodly’ … (again, for lack of a more precise description), why then … god? the universe? The Force? … sends a comet to sink their island?” (And what about the people elsewhere who did NOT become arrogant or warlike or whatever “evil” is attributed to the peoples who are described as “having brought it on themselves,” who, however blameless, are destroyed by the cataclysm?) It’s attributing (whatever) destruction to a “punitive daddy in the sky” rather than the happenstance of, say, gravity pulls a comet too close for comfort, and a boloid to the ice sheet causes some horrific geological reactions that cause some deadly and horrific effects on whatever peoples exist at that time. It’s not “punishment” — it’s astronomy and geology!

        I find it exceedingly difficult to envision that punitive ‘old guy in a toga’ punishing (by massive death and destruction? Pretty abusive dad, eh?) the (any!) people. Alas, I find it much easier to believe that way too many people believe there IS an old guy in a toga, alas.


          This is interesting in light of our discussion.

          The Lament of Hermes as read by Graham Hancock.

          “Hermes thrice-great, the Messenger of the Gods and Greek reincarnation of Thoth presents his `lament`, which reads like a prophecy, telling of a time of cultural disease that will be wiped clean to begin anew. Much like many prophecies around today including the 2012 Mayan date, this one from ancient Egypt appears to apply to our time, giving us reason to reevaluate our present.

          PS> Have you read through the Sangreal series? It also has some interesting ideas related to the fall of man, dark ages, and cursed comets 🙂

          • Alas, Hermes’ lament is still “man’s” word, presented by man, recorded by man, read by man. I may also lament the violence, the destructiveness, the … vermin-like … status and behavior of humans; but it’s a Nature-al phenomenon. ALL species out-breed their resources and boom-and-bust. The humans species does it even more spectacularly than the ‘dumb’ animals, but we are 100% a part of Nature… But that does not make “Hermes” any more real.

            As a high school student, in chorale, we once performed the Mozart Requiem (in English). As a musician and a child of musicians, I did not need to pay strict attention to the director or watch the score, or whatever, so in a dress rehearsal (in a church, oddly enough ) I, once, paid attention to the words — and the meaning and the glory and the pain… and ended up crying my eyes out over the shattering beauty of it. And yet, I did not thereby decide that “god exists” — I decided that MOZART had such a strong “belief in god” that HE could write such agonizing beauty… But that said nothing about the reality or actual existence of “god.” It said something about as man, and a species, and a culture that could lead to such a belief; it did and does not say anything about the veracity of that belief.

            The folks who wrote the Lament and all the material that preceded and led to it certainly “believed” and could therefrom create massive beauty — but the *beauty* is innate to humans, but it is also not proof of “god” or “gods.”

            I share the awe and reverence for the natural world “Hermes” urges — but that does not mean there is therefore some sort of pantheon of gods or godlike creatures or beings. Like Randall, I have wondered deliriously at the source and being of this erratic, that canyon, — the Channeled Scablands! (I lived in eastern WA for some 8-9 years; found y’all from Zentner’s 2-Minute Geology series and beyond at YiuTube…) But I cannot accept the premise that over time “man” has become sinful and therefore a comet comes to wipe them out… (I mean, how does one mesh astronomy with “sinfulness”?)

            I chuckle at the “fake awe” with which the announcer and various personalities on the Ancient Aliens program “make much of” the fact that there are pyramids all over — so there MUST have been aliens teaching them how! Go to any preschool class of little boys with blocks, and ALL of them will ‘build pyramids’! Not because they’re being guided by ETs, but because a pyramid is the 2nd or 3rd simplest thing to build with square blocks! Humans all over the planet start out with numbering systems in base ten, not because it came from some ‘pre-historic higher civilization,’ but because we all have ten fingers!

            That sai… er… written: I believe that Randall is providing massively important information; he is filling in some gaps (albeit, not the Wallula Gap! {wink}) with sound information. I can easily believe there was such a higher civilization — whether it’s under the Antarctic Ice (Flem-Ath); under the water off the African coast (I forget whose that is — oh; maybe Frank Joseph?); or my fav: the Laurentide Ice Sheet meteor / comet / boloid! (I **devoured** the Firestone, West, Warwick-Smith book! Fantastic; ties in well with what I’ve learned so far of Randall’s stuff!)

            Oh, and last night, I watched what seems to be an outdoor presentation (‘I’m waiting for the sun to go down so the slides will show better’) by Randall, (mostly?) on the Great Year; and apparently it was here in Atlanta? Does he (semi-)regularly do talks around that are open to the public? Where, on the site, can I find his schedule? I’d love to come see!
            (And I’ll go look at the Sangreal stuff; I’ve done much background reading around that over the decades!)

          • Greetings Eleanor,

            Randall will be presenting here in Atlanta on Tuesday April 26th. Please join our mailing list to get the details as they are made available.

            Appreciate your comments, will have to ask Randall his perspective on it and have him answer on a future Ask Randall or SGI Radio podcast.

            Best wishes,


          • So? Signed up — awaiting info with great excitement! IS there any yet?! Marked my calendar!

        • Elenor –

          If we blow off the archaeologists’ colouring of everything they touch, what are we left with?

          We have big objects up in the sky hurtling to Earth that were given names. We have these objects impacting Earth close enough so that the witnesses could see it happen, but far enough away that the witnesses survived. We have destruction on a cataclysmic scale.

          Then we have the wintesses writing down what they saw.

          Then, thousands of years later, add the colouring. We have some latter day bozos with preconceived ideas bout the past turning the big named objects into gods – because they think the ancient people were superstitious idiots. The bozos continue their colouring by reading the minds of the ancient witnesses and twisting their words to mean that the ancients thought the gods (big inert objects) must have gotten mad at the people who got nailed.

          Add your requisite bozo flourishes, and, VIOLA! you’ve got a tale of mumbo jumbo that didn’t include comets or meteors.

          In at least SOME of the coloured accounts, the survivors lament the dead, and even the laments will be coloured – coloured to suit the bozos’ projected ideas of the past.

          Perhaps we should simply give archaeologists crayons and a colouring book – and put them out to pasture.

          • Wow, Steve. Don’t let your jaundice about ‘arkies’ make you throw out the comet with the flood water! The contemporaneous reports (oral, then written) ALSO attribute ‘venality and punishment’ to the disaster(s). I don’t actually differentiate between the witnesses explanation — and today’s discussion/interpretation — of ‘they had it coming.’ It’s a *human* thing, although I would hope for today’s view to be “gravity” not punishment… I would rather today’s view were one of science — and not science mixed in with age-old superstition. It’s not ‘twisting the words’ of the survivors when they themselves say it was punishment!