September 8, 2016 at 7:32 pm

Graham Hancock – Forgotten Sixth Sense Technologies Of The Ancient World


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(10:45 min excerpt from full interview below)

Published on Aug 26, 2016
In a former life, Graham was a foreign affairs journalist for The Economist, but for the last 25 years, he has been deeply investigating the mysteries of our human past. When I first read his bestselling Fingerprints of the Gods more than fifteen years ago, it changed my worldview dramatically. What I learned in my college anthropology courses went out the window and I was inspired to begin my own exploration into human origins and traditions, leading me to Peru in 2002.

In this video, he explains that we’re missing some very critical information about our past, specifically the time period around the last ice age—which ended only 11,500 years ago. Graham’s investigations have led him to believe that a highly organized and technologically advanced civilization lived and thrived during this time, while simple hunter-gatherers simultaneously wandered other areas of the planet.

In the beginning of this lively 10-minute segment of our interview, you’ll hear Graham describe abilities like telekinesis and telepathy, which are beyond our current technological framework. If you’re short on time, make sure you don’t miss Graham’s fascinating take on reincarnation, which he calls “an incredible mechanism for immortality,” starting at minute 3:58. For mind-blowing discoveries about ancient visionary plants and their connection with the wisdom still accessible from Shamanic plants today, fast-forward to minute 6:21.

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