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Graham Hancock’s Dispatches From The Frontier of Forgotten History

Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson observing the geological carnage wrought ~13,000 years ago at Wallula Gap of the Colombia River in Washington state. Photo by Santha Faiia

*Editors note: International best selling author Graham Hancock and independent scholar Randall Carlson are currently embarked on a research expedition together, touring some of the more prominent geological remains for the catastrophic global floods which drowned North America ~13,000 years ago.  This history rewriting expedition is in preparation for the sequel to Graham’s most renowned work, Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization.

I will be updating this post with his daily updates so please check back, also you can follow Graham on Twitter and or his facebook page linked below.


Via Graham Hancock’s facebook page:

With Randall Carlson, a leading expert on the cataclysmic events that occurred at the end of the last Ice Age 12,980 years ago. We’re standing 1,200 feet above sea level overlooking Lake Wallula on the border of the US States of Washington and Oregon, just beyond Wallula Gap. Lake Wallula is a modern creation of the McNary dam on the great Columbia River. The water level is presently about 1,000 feet below where Randall and I are standing but 12,980 years ago when a comet hit the North American ice cap and plunged the world into 1,500 years of darkness and horror, gigantic floods were unleashed as huge areas of the ice cap were instantly liquidised. The water would have flowed over 1,000 feet deep and at 50 or 60 miles an hour and would have washed us off the high ground where we’re standing in the photo. The flood was massively turbulent, and filled with debris — rocks, whole forests, fleets of jostling ice-bergs — and thundered like the crack of doom and the roaring voices of the gods of chaos. Anything and everything in its path was destroyed and the landscape had been completely reshaped by the time it subsided. It was accompanied by a seemingly endless rain of black mud. It was truly, as all the legends of a lost civilisation of antiquity tell us, “a time of darkness”. The comet impact, which set in motion the mysterious episode that geologists call the Younger Dryas and which had global consequences — by no means confined to North America — is the smoking gun that I suggest lost us a whole advanced civilisation of prehistoric antiquity. I will be exploring the implications of all this in “Magicians of the Gods”, the sequel I am presently writing to my best-known book “Fingerprints of the Gods”. Meanwhile this field trip with Randall continues and I will post further updates in the coming days.

Randall Carlson’s websites are and There is a link to his facebook page off the sacredgeometryinternational website.

For an article I wrote earlier this year on the lost civilisation mystery see here:

Photo by Santha Faiia


My apologies to all that I am not posting or responding to comments as much as I would wish to. On this huge research road trip (starting early and finishing late each day) across the US looking into the cataclysmic events that occurred here at the end of the Ice Age. The Pacific Northwest was the epicentre of a global catastrophe around 12,980 years ago. For those who missed my post yesterday, here’s the link: The old theory of ice-dams breaking and releasing the water of glacial lakes (a theory that I explored in my 2002 book Underworld) just doesn’t “hold water” any longer. The comet that hit the earth 12,980 years ago is the key to the whole mystery. Hope to have time to report further tomorrow.


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