October 4, 2019 at 7:47 pm

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal – Climate Cultists Demand Cannibalism.


Just a few examples of the cult of climate change hysteria. Of course, they aren’t concerned with the very real threat of an asteroid or cometary impact razing modern civilization back to the stone age, that’s far too practical to raise their interest. They are however willing to terrorize children like Greta into thinking the world is ending in 12 years, that we should become cannibals to stave off their manufactured fears and finally that we should eat babies and then give someone like AOC trillions of dollars to solve an issue she can barely articulate (she’s an actor folks, before that a bartender, be careful who you follow.)

Alas here are a few signs of the zeitgeist:

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Many kudos for Greta’s death metal thingie!