April 27, 2019 at 2:29 am

Grimerica #345 – Graham Hancock


Interview Starts at 35:10
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Graham Hancock joins us. He’s played an integral part in changing the mainstream paradigm of ancient mysteries and human history
independent researcher and journalist, author of many books including fingerprints of the gods, magicians of the gods, and his latest America Before, the key to earth’s lost civilization.

We chat about the possibility of a global culture during the last ice age, the cataclysm of the younger dryas, breaking the scientific paradigm, Denisovan’s, the geometric Amazonian structures, the mound builders and much more. Graham talks about his upcoming talks and tours across America, check out his events page on his website.


In the intro, we read some listener emails about Graham Hancock’s and Randall Carlson’s work, including synchronicities. We do the CAC – Contact at the Cabin raffle and draw. Jeannie win’s the draw and Cyrus wins the Raffle. See you in Colorado in May!!

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