August 24, 2023 at 4:26 pm

Jesus Was the First Psyop with Robert Forte. Part 1


Via: Dani Katz

Robert Forte and I share such meaty, sparkly conversations that I figured it was time for us to share another one with YOU. And so it was that we dropped in and caught up on the various op evolutions.

Note: We did have some tech difficulties in the beginning of our conversation, which had us freezing a few times. It all worked itself out after the first 10-15 minutes, so thank you for your patience and understanding. Tech…oy.

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Show notes:

“In the beginning…..”~ how Jesus was born to be the very first psy-op
An encounter with the Dalai Llama~ the paradox of worshipping false idols
New age apathy vs the rebellious American spirit~ a search for common ground
Living in the upside down~ Is our realm a satanic inversion run by reptilian overlords?
The charisma of Camelot ~ Robert’s love for the Kennedy’s & thoughts on RFk Jr
Scripts and screenplays~ Israel & the confusion of cognitive dissonance
Surviving Samsara~ “let us not talk falsely now….”
The “wild” fire of Maui~ Robert’s tale of loss & choice to savour life in the midst of chaos
Death happens~ the end of the world is not the end of the story
Altered States of America~ Robert’s online presence

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