January 27, 2013 at 3:04 am

Randall Carlson and Scott Onstott: The Science of Prophecy, Harmonic Design and The Great Work


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For our inaugural Sacred Geometry International podcast, we are very excited to feature a fascinating conversation between independent scholar Randall Carlson and esoteric researcher Scott Onstott.  In this discussion, Scott and Randall consider the potential meaning of the harmonic proportions of Sacred Geometry, as they are redundantly encoded throughout the ancient kingdom, most notably in structures such as the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza.  Questions raised include: whether our remote ancestors understood the size and shape of the Earth with accuracy rivaling modern satellite surveys?  Could they have measured the speed of light in not only miles but meters per second and encoded these fundamental constants of nature into the geometry of the Great Pyramid? If so for what possible purpose? Were our ancestors aware of a cycle of catastrophe and to what lengths might they have gone to to preserve such knowledge?

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Secrets In Plain Sight Volume 1 and 2

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Watch parts 4 and 5 of Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe  to see for yourself how the Great Pyramid of Cheops encodes the size and shape of the Earth with accuracy rivaling modern satellite surveys.
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  1. Very cool! I’m adding https://sacredgeometryinternational.com/feed to my Gpodder podcatcher.

    Thank you Mr. Carlson! I heard about Scott Onstott’s interesting research about a two years ago on Jan Irvin’s podcast. I hope you have him as a guest often.

    I bet this podcast becomes one of the top podcasts in this field.

  2. This has to be one of the most fascinating meeting of the minds I have ever had the chance to listen to. Even though your program does not attract people in the millions (and it should) I hope you understand how critical your work is in this great revival of our forgotten knowledge. It is my contention that even though this knowledge has already resurfaced in modern times, mostly through the work of John Michell, it has been given a bad name by the new-age movement therefore put in the same box as the other non-sense they mixed it with. It is fair to say that without Mr.Carlson’s and Mr.Onstott’s highly critical thinking minds and their pro-scientific method approach I would’ve never come across this incredible knowledge on my path to wisdom, at least not in this accessible matter (thanks to Camron). Of course that is not to say that they are simply reviving Michell’s research as they are themselves making new discoveries, propelling us towards greater understanding. I deeply share their love for the open questions as the true gems of this research instead of rapidly embracing unfounded conclusions like most do, shying away rational minds in the process.

    Even though your radio program is still in its beginnings, I place it in my top 3 along with RedIceRadio and Jan Irving’s. Keep up the excellent work and know that in my corner of the Earth, in this french-canadian province of Québec, the butterfly effect has come into motion as I am sharing this knowledge to my people.

  3. Oh and I have to mention something about when Scott tells Randall about the interesting 33 correlation, that the amont of time it takes for light to cross 1 meter is 0.00000000333 (not so sure about the amount of zeros). The words ‘light to go 1 meter’ are spoken at exactly 33:33 minutes.

  4. Hey, one last thing ; in lattitudes we only use 4 digits after the comma, so it’s kind of misleading to claim that the lattitude of the great pyramid is exactly the same number as the speed of light to 7 digits after the comma. Even if perhaps a little less impressive, I don’t think it changes anything especially since the speed of light is often written as ‘C=’299,792 km/s’, but I also think it’s important to be really accurate about such controversial claims.

    Again, amazing conversation.

    • Thank you Vincent. This is Scott Onstott’s response to your question.

      “I have a calculator that converts decimal to DegMinSec so 29.9792458 deg = 29 deg 58 min 52.849 sec

      You can get Google Earth to do this automatically by changing the units in preferences.”

  5. speed of light and pyramid connection depends on length of meter. this is a coincidence.