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Research Request – #JRE 942 – Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinction


“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Greetings everyone,

We want to call on you, our fellow seekers and independent researchers, to help us identify where in the most recent Joe Rogan Podcast with Dan Flores, (JRE #942) Joe and Dan discuss the mass extinction of Wooly Mammoths. This is so that Randall can help Mr. Flores update his perspective with the information he has been painstakingly compiling, in connection with his ongoing work proving that the Younger Dryas Boundary event was in fact due to a cometary impact. Thus the mystery of the megafaunal extinction can be seen as a predictable consequence of the event and no longer be falsely attributed to hunter gathers and subsistence farmers in our history books.

This is the entire podcast,

and this is approximately where I’ve heard Dan Flores getting into the Ice Ages as they relate to the Milankovytch cycles


Here Joe asks for Randall to join in discussion with Dan, barring that future podcast, we have several articles from Randall, illustrating his findings in his 5 part series on Global Change


This is all in good fun, the person who made Randall’s eyes red understands that we can have a good time as we rewrite history together 😉 (if you know what I mean)

That being said, we could use the exact time code and if someone is willing to transcribe all related dialog between Joe and Dan, I will send them a copy of Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe download, as a thank you for their good work. If you can add the time codes for the beginning and ending of said dialog, then you will help us scan through

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  1. [38:51 Joe Rogan] So whatever the mass extinction event that took place somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 years ago that claimed the wholly mammoth, the saber-toothed tiger, all these different animals, the horse was amongst that as well?

    [39:03 Dan Flores] The horse was one of the ones that disappeared, yeah. And, you know, so we’ve got some pretty good explanations for what happened to the mammoths. The mammoths probably were taken out by human hunters because this was a version of the American West that basically had emerged in the absence of people. We’re just like every other mammal. You mentioned a minute ago you’re amazed at the fact that the wolves were able to spread around the world and the horses were able to spread around the world. Well, we did the same thing. We started in Africa and we spread around the world, getting to Europe about 45,000 years ago. And didn’t get to North America, which was one of the last places except for the islands out in the Pacific that humans got to, until about 15,000 years ago. And so when we arrived we confronted a landscape that was full of animals like mammoths that had no experience with human hunters at all. And what we think is that these early arrivals from Siberia were probably really accomplished big game hunters. And I mean like all elephants, mammoths had really long gestation periods. It took them, once they were impregnated, it took them two years to have a calf, and so they have a really…

    [40:24 Joe Rogan] Wow, they’re pregnant for two years?

    [40:27 Dan Flores] Yeah, they’re pregnant for two years, and so they have a really low population recovery ability. Biologists call this Kay Species (?) that have kind of a low reproductive rate. And so whenever humans arrive and we take a look at the situation. And, I mean, cow mammoths evidently were a lot easier to deal with in a hunt than the big bulls were, and so these hunters seem to have concentrated on cows. I mean that’s of course obviously going to be detrimental to the demographics of the population. And so probably in the case of mammoths it was human hunting of an animal that had no prior experience with human hunters and not very many defenses against us that took them out. The other animals though, a lot of them, I mean some of the predators we think they went because their prey species disappeared. But I mean the amazing thing with the horses is just hard to fathom. Because we haven’t found very many sites — there was one recently discovered recently near Boulder, Colorado, of what appeared to be an early Indian kill of horses. But you know if you try to argue that the same thing happened with horses that happened with the mammoths, you’d think you’d be finding kill sites all over the place, and just haven’t really found them.


    [47:00 Joe Rogan] I would love to get you together with a guy name Randall Carlson, who’s an expert in asteroidal impacts. And he’s got some pretty compelling evidence and some fascinating theories about the end of the ice age, and the end of the ice age corresponds to a lot of nuclear glass sites in Asia and Europe, that the nuclear glass is essentially the same stuff they find when they do nuclear sites …

    [49:47 Dan Flores] There are a lot of scholars out there, a lot of people out there, who are arguing climate is the primary explanation for the Pleistocene extinctions. Most people sort of concede that okay in the case of the mammoths our evidence tends to point more towards human hunting, but we don’t know about all these other animals.

    [2:23:52 Joe Rogan] Listen man, I’m so glad that we got together. I wanna get you together with Randall Carlson though. Would you be interested in coming back and doing another podcast?

    [2:23:58 Dan Flores] Oh sure man, I’d love to do that.

    [2:24:00 Joe Rogan] I’d to have you get together with him and compare notes, because he has some really interesting observations about these asteroidal impacts and I think the two of you together would have a fascinating conversation. So let’s do that down the line, but until then, your book Coyote America is fantastic. I loved it. Thank you very much for that, and I’m going to, I haven’t started reading it yet, but American Serengeti is your other book. I’m sure it’s equally awesome, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

  2. [38:51 Joe Rogan]
    [39:03 Dan Flores]
    [40:24 Joe Rogan]
    [40:27 Dan Flores]
    [47:00 Joe Rogan]
    [49:47 Dan Flores]
    [2:23:52 Joe Rogan]
    [2:23:58 Dan Flores]
    [2:24:00 Joe Rogan]

    transcript of relevant sections at http://bit.ly/2ocyP71

  3. [38:51] mammoths, [47:00] Pleistocene extinction. Transcript at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VIZiotYGiIBbOGZ2PoH5iBfJXhiOUSr7kpi-uUJoCvo/edit

  4. Are you kidding? You 86’d my comment? That’s just great. Was I too hard on Saint Joe awhile back? I stand by what I said. And I thought the alarmists were Stalinist. Yet you have never had a problem when I make a donation. You know what you can do.

    • ? Not sure what you are talking about Bill. I don’t recall “86’ing” any comments here. What was the comment you tried to post exactly that you are referring to?

      • Sorry, my mistake. It was posted subject to approval, then it was gone, but today it has reappeared. I concluded it was given the thumbs down for some reason, but obviously that conclusion was premature. Sorry again.