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Richard Heath: Sacred Number and the Lords of Time


Richard Heath: Sacred Number and the Lords of Time FULL LECTURE

Richard’s presentation shows how astronomy and land surveying became possible to late stone age society through the simple manipulation of numbers held as lengths. The idea of a previous super-civilisation, predating the megalithic, becomes unnecessary if evidence from the Megalithic can be re-interpreted – as able to achieve an accurate geocentric astronomy and model of the earth, without requiring modern arithmetic or equipment. By recovering the achievements of the megalith builders, the projection of unproven ideas (such as savage rituals) onto Stonehenge and other such sites can be seen to be an uncreative fiction. His latest book can help relearn megalithic numerology and de-project savages, in order to get to the raison d’etre of megalithic societies.

Richard Heath has degrees in systems science and is the author of Sacred Number and the Lords of Time, The Harmonic Origins of the World, Matrix of Creation, Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization, and Precessional Time and the Evolution of Consciousness. He is Robin Heath’s brother and an old friend and collaborator with John Michell, who he travelled to Lundy Island with some years ago as part of their research. He lives in Perthshire, Scotland.

The John Michell Memorial Lecture at Megalithomania in May 2015 in Glastonbury, UK.

Copyright Megalithomania 2015. All Rights Reserved. Intellectual property of Richard Heath.

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