November 9, 2019 at 2:38 pm

Secret Knowledge Hidden Underneath the Great Sphinx – After Skool


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The great sphinx of Giza, the oldest known monument from the ancient Egyptian world, stands as a symbol of the arcane mysteries still waiting to be unearthed. Could the truth about our past, and Enki’s knowledge given to humanity, be locked in an ancient chamber situated below the great beast’s paw? We examine mounds of evidence, in the face of contradictory conclusions, to try and determine its age and decode its original purpose.


✓ Decode the True Age of the Sphinx – Scientists study erosion patterns along the body of the sphinx to uncover startling evidence about when the sphinx was originally carved.

✓ Astronomical Alignment – Researchers turn back the clock on the night sky to discover the layout of the Giza Plateau mirrors the cosmos.

✓ Secret Knowledge Hidden Underneath – Experts from multiple fields agree that a hidden chamber still awaits discovery beneath the paws of the Sphinx.

✓ The Truth About Our Past – Could this hidden chamber hold knowledge, left on our planet by an advanced civilization, that could change how we view the universe?

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  1. I remember reading in one of my Edgar Cayce books that knowledge was hidden in the paw of the Sphynx but that humanity wasn’t ready to receive it yet. We lack the wisdom that goes with this information.

  2. Judy, that’s a bold suggestion to make.

    Why they do not give permission to open the chamber is all about politics, Thus tourism rate in Egypt. So now and then they dig en open new artifacts, probably already know for years, but to keep the pase as tourism rate goes down and level them up again. It’s al about money. It’s as simple as that.