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The Great Pyramid Decoded: Part 1


Evidence for Advanced Geodetic Knowledge in Archaic Times.

A short segment on the Great Pyramid from our film Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe.

Here Randall demonstrates exactly how the Great Pyramid of Cheops encodes, “the dimensions of our planet with accuracy rivaling modern satellite surveys.”

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“This is important to understand how the ancients were able to demonstrate to future generations that they understood the size and the shape of the earth with a high degree of accuracy” – Randall Carlson

Transcript of this excerpt from Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe.

Okay now what I’ve got here is evidence for advanced geodetic knowledge in archaic times. What is Geodesey or geodetic knowledge? Geodysey is the determination of the size and the shape of the earth. Early in the 19th century such knowledge was acquired by extensive land surveying and triangulating over large tracts of the Earth’s surface since the 1970s orbital satellites have provided the most accurate picture of the Earth’s exact size and mass distribution. Any advanced comprehension of the larger picture of our planet as a suitable abode for the evolution of higher life requires knowledge of its size and shape the total mass of course determines G the gravitational constant.

The equatorial bulge is an integral component of the forces acting to impose rotation and orbital stability on earth as it wheels about the Sun. The relevance of these two basic factors to the evolution of life cannot be underestimated.

Ancient master builders understood Earth’s fundamental geodetic parameters on a level not equalled until the advent of modern satellite surveys.

Ancient master builders understood Earth’s fundamental geodetic parameters on a level not equalled until the advent of modern satellite surveys.

How do we know that well probably the most salient means we have of knowing that is the Great Pyramid of Cheops itself and there’s been lots and lots of speculation about what the form or what the function of the Great Pyramid was, some of it to me is, some of it is pretty out there, some of it I think is pretty abstract and speculative, what I’ve always thought does make the most sense and has the greatest credibility is the pyramid is essentially a model of the earth the northern hemisphere and I’ll show you how here.

The thing you have to understand when you’re looking at the measurement of the earth in terms of its size and shape is that we have lines, everybody knows latitude and longitude latitude is measured north and south of the equator longitude is the measure around this way.

Parallels are lines that run or the parallel to the equator and traveling along one of the parallels we would be displacing ourselves longitudinally; but parallels actually measure you can see that this parallel here this is probably the Arctic Circle it looks to me like about 66 and a half degrees north so it is parallel to the equator. Right so depending on what parallel you are every line of latitude north and south has a corresponding parallel, and you know that from the equator to the North Pole is going to be to the South Pole is going to be 90 degrees of Arc.

Then in turn we have meridian lines which are lines that run north-south but actually measured distances east and west so that if you traveled from one meridian to the next to another meridian you would have traveled from east to west. Every point on the surface of the earth has a local meridian we have a local meridian here and it’s basically the way you would find it is if you walked out here I believe this is generally south isn’t it this way, so if we went out here and we look exactly south in exactly north and then the zenith overhead the point 90 degrees up from a flat horizon, if we struck an arc from the south point through the zenith point to the North Pole that arc would be our local meridian, and as the Earth turns under that local Meridian we measure all astronomical motion relative to our point on the surface of the earth with respect to that local meridian.

Now you’ll notice that as you go through the parallels the parallels form virtually perfect circles the meridian on lines on the other hand are not circles because of the flattening of the earth because of the expansion of the equator. If you draw a line around it this way this way and cut the earth this way it is not going to be a circle if you cut it this way it will be a circle okay that creates very subtle differences in geometry when you’re measuring a Meridian line north to south what happens is that, as you travel north away from the equator if you are going on a perfect sphere, then each degree of latitude North would have the same distance but it’s not a perfect sphere, it’s flattened so as you’re moving towards the North Pole the earth is actually flattening out ,the earth is radius is shrinking. So it’s flattening out what that means is that to traverse a degree of Arc you have to travel further as you get away from the equator towards the North Pole. Okay I’m explaining this because you’ve got to understand this to see how the ancients understood how the demonstrated to us that they understood the size and shape of the earth with a high degree of accuracy.

So again parallels are going to be in circles and you’re going to notice that the biggest circle is going to be the equatorial circle and as you travel towards the the poles those circles get smaller in size. So therefore if you took the Meridian lines, which would be the dotted lines, the distance between say one degree of meridians that the Equator is going to be greater than that distance between the same two meridians say at our latitude here in Atlanta. Which is about 34 degrees north, or further north, those Meridian lines converge until you would get to the North Pole and then they they meet each other and have zero distance between them. Okay this is taken out of the Smithsonian Meteorological tables and what we’re looking at here without belaboring this is you’ll notice latitude zero degrees and you go through up to 90 degrees and what this is showing is if we look into statute miles right there this says length of one degree of the meridian, so this is the line from equator up to the North Pole.

Well if you look at the first number which, let’s see if we can zoom in a little here, you’ll notice that at zero when you travel leave the equator go to the first degree north latitude you’ve gone sixty eight point seven oh three miles but if you look down here at the very last one when you traverse that last degree from 89, and you finally get to the North Pole you’ve traveled sixty nine point four miles. So those degrees have stretched out okay now this is important to understand how the ancients were able to demonstrate to future generations that they understood the size and the shape of the earth and then we have one length of one degree of the parallel. If you notice right there I don’t know if you can read it from out there but that says sixty nine point one seven two miles so think of a circle going around the earth’s equator you’ve traveled one degree one 360 of that distance around you’ve gone sixty nine point one seven two miles let’s go halfway up from equator to North Pole which would be 45 degrees and you see right there you’ve gone 49 miles then when you get up to the pole itself when you’re one degree away from the North Pole you only have to go one point two miles because those meridian lines have converged.

So now the thing to grasp here is that if we’re measuring the size and the shape of the earth that’s going to vary depending on where on the earth we’re making those measurements. This is important because what we discover is that the ancient peoples knew this and incorporate it into their architecture, so that they would derive units of measurement that were ultimately based upon the size and shape of the earth where the structure was being built. Now let’s take the most prominent one, before we get to that this is geodetic data and you’ll notice here we’ve got going back to 1830, Which was the first attempt in modern times to determine the size and shape of the earth, and let’s go since that’s meter let’s go to something will recognize miles we’re talking about the radius here and you’ll notice as you’re coming down through here we get to these last two world grid system 72 and geodetic reference system 80 are the two that we’re determined by satellite and you’ll notice that as we come through here, we’ve got a polar radius and miles in an equatorial radius in miles, and then we have the difference in the two radii right here. And we assume that as we’ve come through we’re progressively getting better and better at measuring the size and shape of the earth and finally with satellite measurements we’re getting down here and we’ve determined that the polar radius for example 3,949.8934. 3,949.8948 what does that translate into well let’s see in terms of feet that’s a difference of oh two hundred and fifty feet roughly between yeah between these two measurements in other words between the first satellite measurement in ’72 in the second one in 1980 the difference was about two hundred and fifteen feet roughly, between uh, yeah, between these two measurements, in other words between the first satellite measurement in ’72 and the second one in 1980, the difference was about 215 feet say…

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and an independent scholar. He has 4 decades of study, research and exploration Into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, has been an active Freemason for 30 years. He has been recognized by The National Science Teachers Association for his commitment to Science education for young people.

He has also received academic recognition for outstanding work as a student of geology.

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