February 4, 2023 at 1:37 pm

The Moon – An Introductory Video – History, Myths and Legends


Via History, Myths and Legends.

In this video I will attempt to make a introductory platform to a future Playlist where I will expand some of the topics here presented, others that I believe to be relevant, and also those of my own making from my trilogy, The Helix Tree.

So lets begin. Science, that once worked from uncertainty to probability, in a never ending attempt to better its own answers, has in the last 200 years or so, relabelled certain unproven probabilities into certainties and stuck to them, improving them, but rejecting all others that may very well be wrong, but do nonetheless deserve their chances to be proven right.

Let me make it perfectly clear that when I mean right, I mean as the best explanation to whatever problem is being analyzed, at any given moment in time. Because of this faulty ideology, we now live in a uniformitarian, gradualistic, self-centred, over-zealous, materialistic and religiously dogmatic era of science that although drowning humans with more and more redundant gadgets, has done little for a better explanation of reality, of space, of life and of energy, than the very same answers we had nearly two centuries ago.

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Jay Beaubier, MA, that very kindly allowed me to make reference to his work, and here are the links:
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See the rest at the first link above.

Godspeed and party on truth seekers.


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